Jeffery Addison's XB76P
Carvin BBS IS: jefferyaddison

Here's an interesting 2006 model XB76P.  Jeffery has taken advantage of some of the new features and options Carvin added when ordering this one, including the new soapbar pickups with 18V preamp and Deep Triple Step finish (in this case, DTS Clear Gloss).  Other features include an alder body, maple neck, birdseye maple fingerboard with no inlays and gold hardware. 


T-Bass's XB76P

This is a very nice Early-2000s XB76P, finished in (now discontinued) Harlequin Prismatique. It has an alder body with tung-oiled maple neck.  Other features include the P-series upgrade, no inlays on the ebony fingerboard & chrome hardware. 

Unknown XB76

Here's an XB76 finished in clear gloss on flamed maple.  Other features include a Birdseye maple fingerboard with black dots, chrome hardware, and matching headstock.

If you're the owner of this bass, please let me know.