The Webmaster's BB70EP

This is a 1976 AS120 12-string guitar, which was only offered for that one year.  However, it has the chrome-covered APH-6S pickups that were found on the 1977 models, meaning this was a late '76 model - and maybe the only one made, since 12-string guitars weren't that popular to begin with.  Like other Carvins of that era, it's made from Höfner components - specifically, the Höfner 4572.  As noted in other places on the site, the double-diamond headstock inlay, headstock shape, zero-fret - these are all Höfner standards, as is the body.  It's got a nice flamed maple back and sides, with a spruce top and mother-of-pearl block inlays.  Other features include front and back body binding, dual volume and tone contols and phase switching.
Carvin 1976 AS120 12-String Carvin 1976 AS120 12-String
Carvin AS120 12-String Carvin AS120 12-String

1976 Carvin AS120 12-String Semi-Hollow Guitar

Anthony Spell's #3-SGB

This is a classic and ultra-rare Carvin, which Anthony purchased in 1959.  Models of this vintage are just not seen very often, and probably not too many were sold in the first place.  This #3-SGB is equipped with AP-6 adjustable pickups, and has the Vibro-Rest vibrola (sitting next to the headstock in the left photo).  The body and neck are maple, and fingerboard is rosewood. 

This is a great example of a vintage Carvin guitar that's almost 50 years old!



Kevin Watkins' #33-SGB

Here's a very rare model from 1965.  In those days, the model names changed just about every year, even though the actual instruments didn't always change.  But 1965 was a transition year - the layout of the hardware was different than in 1964, and in 1966, the entire instrument was different.   The '65 catalog showed the #33-SGB in sunburst, but it was offered in natural, as well.  Features of this guitar include a maple body and neck, rosewood fingerboard, and adjustable AP-6 pickups with dual volume and tone controls.


Tony's #62-SGB

This is a 1962 model #62-SGB, in really excellent shape.  This was Carvin's top of the line model at the time, and was loaded with 3 AP-6 pickups, and a maple body and maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.  Note the nice Birdseye figuring on the back of the body - this was pretty standard on maple bodies in those days, and really adds a nice touch of class to this instrument.  Notice also how nicely preserved the chrome is on this model - almost no signs of wear.  Even the pickguard is in great shape.  This is a near-perfect example of a classic Carvin.

Lorin Coleman's Model #1744

Here is an extraordinary instrument, and is one of the rarest Carvins around.  This model is from about 1955, and is an example of Carvins early re-badging efforts - in other words, these instruments were made by another manufacturer (probably in Germany), then given the Carvin logo on the headstock.  This particular model was available in an electric version (Model #140) which was identical to this one except for the addition of an Alnico pickup and controls.  The #1744 had an oval rosewood fingerboard, rosewood bridge, and spruce top.  Although not specified in the catalog, the back, sides and neck were most likely maple.  New, this guitar sold for $39.50.  It actually belonged to Lorin's grandmother, who recently passed it to him after years of being safely tucked away under a bed.


Bill Romac's AS50

This is another one of those interesting mid-year models that pop up from time-to-time.  This AS50 has the body from 1972, but the neck and pickups are from the 1971 model (The '71 had white pickups; the '72 had black.  The '71 had double-dot inlays; the '72 had single-dots).  So, this could most accurately be described as as 1971.5 model.  Regardless, it looks to be in great shape, and Bill snagged it at a yard sale for $50.00!

Unknown AS50

The AS50 was made from 1970 until 1974, with this particular design being made from 1972-1974.  It was made from Höfner components, finished and assembled by Carvin in California.  This particular example appeared on eBay a couple years ago, and luckily, the seller took some excellent photos.

Unknown SS76

This is one of those mid-year hybrids that Carvin is known for; that is, it has some of the features from one year, and some other features from the following year.  In this case, the pickguard is from the 1975 SS75, but the dual humbucker pickups and headstock logo are from the 1976 SS76.  Still, it looks to be in great shape, and the photos show some nice detail of a guitar that's not often seen.