Dan St. Peters' Ultra V
Carvin BBS ID: ultraVpilot
WWW: http://www.geocities.com/vr6pilot/dansguitars.html

This is an extraordinary Ultra V.  It's just laden with unique features.  It's a 1992 model, so it obviously is a neck-through design.  As you can see, it's finished in vintage yellow, on a flamed maple top with matching headstock - there are very, very few flamed Ultra V's out there, as this feature was added near the end of the Ultra V's run.  Another very unusual feature is the koa body - this may be the only koa Ultra V out there.  By far, the most unusual feature is the pickup configuration.  Every other Ultra V has twin humbuckers, but this one was custom ordered with the pickup layout of the LS175 - that is, 3 single coils, with the bridge pickup at a slight angle.  Highly unusual!

And this isn't Dan's only Ultra V - he has 4 altogether, plus many more unique and interesting Carvins.  See them all right here.

Tom's Ultra V
Carvin BBS ID: Ethereal

This is a very unique Ultra V, and one of only a few like it.  At first glance, it could be misidentified as a Jackson Randy Rhodes model, because it's backwards from a standard Ultra V.  Basically, this is an '88 model, with a left-handed body with right-hand neck and controls (compare it to Dan's above).  Other features include abalone block inlays, a Kahler tremolo and black chrome hardware.

On the left is Tom's Ultra V with his X100-B half-stack.

Eric Lawrence's Ultra V

And here's another reverse Ultra V.  This one is a 1993 model, in Ferrari Red.  Other options include black chrome hardware and a Floyd Rose tremolo.  Electronics consist of M22V and M22SD pickups.

Ty Schell's Ultra V
Carvin BBS ID: V-10Rock

Here's a '90 or '91 Ultra V that Ty scored on eBay in September of 2005.  It's loaded with an M22SD pickup in the bridge position, and an M22N pickup in the neck position.  Other features include black chrome hardware and Carvin-licensed Floyd Rose tremolo.

Steve Lynch's Ultra V

This Ultra V was originally made for Steve Lynch of the band Autograph, and has the band's familiar graphic on the front.  It's current whereabouts/owner are unknown. 

After posting this guitar, I received the following message from "Dr. H" regarding it:

"I remember playing this guitar some time around 1988/'89 in a low-rent guitar shop called 'Norman's Guitars' in the city of Exeter in south west England.  I was teenage student prone to hanging around Exeter's various guitar emporia and I fondly remember this guitar as being one of my favorites to help while away the hours.  It played very nicely apart from the then very fashionable but very weakly sprung Kahler, and the fact it always seemed to be plugged into a toaster-sized Gallien Krueger combo.  Strangely, the guitar wasn't actually for sale - it was strictly store-front eye-candy - unless someone made Norman an offer he couldn't refuse... 

Norman claimed to have bought the guitar for an offensively small amount of cash from the man who bought it from Mr. Lynch...a quick search on the web suggests this could have been someone called Paul Tucker...this could be a guy who was a partner in another local guitar shop called 'Dirty Fingers' that closed down around this time. 

Norman used to play guitar in a covers band called Goliath, and he always used to take random guitars from the shop to play at gigs, but I don't remember ever seeing him play the Ultra V - it was probably too valuable compared to the shop full of cheap Arias and Norman's infamous Fernandes Flying V that was 'modified' with a huge plastic 'Gibson' logo! 

Norman, also known as 'Big Norm' seemed to have a problem physically strapping some guitars on, such was his girth - I can vividly remember a gig in Exeter, with Norm playing sitting on his bar stool, the strap giving way under the strain half way through a song and Norm simply resting the guitar on his stomach until he got to the end.  A truly gifted guitarist."


Jeff Cruise's Ultra V L

Here's a 1992 model Ultra V, in a left-handed configuration.  However, the reverse headstock gives it a cool backwards look.  In addition to the black finish and black hardware, it has a left-handed  Floyd Rose tremolo, and Jeff replaced the M22SD in the bridge with an EMG91, so now it has a hybrid active/passive electronics system.


Unknown Ultra V TL

Here's another unusual Ultra V - in this case, it's a 1993 model in translucent green, and is left-handed (hence the "L" designation).  It also has a maple fingerboard with abalone dots, black chrome hardware, and left-handed Wilkinson tremolo (the "T" designation).