Bob Triplett's TL60

This is a great looking TL60.  Bob says:

"I received the TL60 on 11/19/04. Tweed case, flame top, sunsetburst, birdseye fretboard, abalone dots, flame headstock overlay, white Carvin logo, cream pickups, string saver saddles, stock wiring (not active). The neck and headstock finished natural clear. Great sound. Great looks. The workmanship on this guitar is impeccable.

The amp is '81 or '82. XV112E, and matching extension cab.  Three 12AX7's, four 6L6's, EV12L speakers.60/100 watt selector switch."

Bob also has a great '82 DC200K - see it right here.

Mike Buckley's TL60T

Here's a 2001 model TL60T, which has very nice upgrades.  It has a mahogany body with flamed maple top finished in Vintage Yellow.  It also has a matching reverse-inline headstock, birdseye maple fingerboard with no inlays, black chrome hardware and tortoiseshell binding.

Richard Wiederkehr's TL60T
Carvin BBS ID: Triton76

Here's another fully-loaded TL60, in this case, a 2003 model, finished in cherry sunburst on flamed maple with matching headstock and mahogany body. Other features include an ebony fingerboard with abalone block inlays, tortoiseshell body binding, tung-oiled neck, a Wilkinson tremolo and chrome hardware.  Electronics consist of C22B and H22N pickups with series/parallel switch and 3-way bridge coil splitter.

Jason's TL60
Carvin BBS ID: LostInDaJungle

This is a very cool TL60 - one of the more unusual ones Carvin has produced.  It's a 2005 model, with a swamp ash body finished in deep purple stain, but what really sets this one apart is that it has a Holdsworth headstock, which looks really good with the TL body style.  Other features include an ebony fingerboard with dot inlays, hardtail bridge and gold hardware.  Electronics consist of an AP11 single coil in the neck position, a TBH60 Twinblade in the middle, and a C22B in the bridge position.

Drew Burson's TL60
Carvin BBS ID: PianoMan

Here's another really nice TL60; a 2005 model.  It's finished in deep triple-step Ruby Red on quilted maple with a matching inline headstock and natural body binding.  The body is mahogany, and the neck is a five piece maple/mahogany style, with 3 stripes of mahogany and 2 of maple.  Other features include no inlays on the ebony fingerboard, jumbo frets, string saver saddles, and C22 zebra humbuckers with coil splitters.


Jim Brown's TL60T

This is Jim's 2006 TL60T, which is finished in blueburst on flamed maple with matching headstock.  It has dual C22 humbuckers with a Fishman piezo pickup on the Wilkinson tremolo, and active electronics with coil splitters and phase switching.  Other features include a maple fingerboard, tung-oiled neck, stainless steel frets and black chrome hardware.

Brent Finelle's TL60

Here's an early TL60, probably from 1993 or 1994 (the TL60 debuted in '93).  It has a koa neck and body, with a quilted maple top and matched reverse inline headstock finished in clear gloss.  It also has gold hardware, abalone block inlays and M22 pickups.

Chip Wiegand's TL60

Chip picked up this TL60 used back in the early 1990's.  Based on the serial number and when Chip bought it, this may be one of the earliest TL60s made.  It's finished in tobacco sunburst on mahogany, with black chrome hardware.

Chip also has an early 1990's LB75 - see it right here.