Woody Green's B5
WWW: http://www.oldsneakers.net

This is a very nice 2005 B5 model, finished in translucent deep purple.  It also has the active electronics upgrade with HB-series humbucker and black chrome hardware.

Woody also has a gorgeous LB70 in flamed koa - see it right here.

Carl's B5F

This is a terrific example of an early 2000's B5F.  It's finished in Harlequin Prismatique, with an unlined ebony board on a maple neck and an alder body.  Electronics have been upgraded to active, with an HB-Series humbucker in the bridge position.  Black chrome hardware rounds out the package.  Cool!

Ken Burgner's B5 & B5F
Carvin BBS ID: bassclef

Wow, take a look at these.  Just incredible - so similar, yet so different.  Both were made in 2001.

On the left is Ken's B5 (fretted), featuring a quilted maple top on alder body, maple neck/maple fingerboard, strings-thru-body, Hipshot bridge, J99 pickups and active electronics. 

On the right is the B5F (fretless).  It obviously is made from walnut, with a maple neck.  It also features stings-thru-body, Hipshot bridge, and a J99/HB2 pickup combination with active electronics.

Markus Nee's B5F
WWW: http://www.thenorthwebsite.com

This is Markus' second Carvin bass (behind his LB75 - see it right here).  This is a cool unlined fretless model, finished in Vintage Yellow with gold hardware.

On the left is Markus playing his B5 (fretted) with his band, North.