Moe Thomas' SC90M
Carvin BBS ID: vsnrocks

Here's an amazing 2007 SC90M.  In addition to the beautiful Sapphire Blue flamed top in a perfect chevron pattern, this SC90 has no arm cutaway and has natural body binding with a clear mahogany back.  Very unique!  Other features include zebra pickups, gold hardware, and CT-style headstock. 

Moe says:

"After 35 plus years of buying trading selling and swapping along with countless dollars spent on tweaking. The best instrument was in my mail box. Once again! Carvin delivered what no else at any price can."



Randy True's SC90M
Carvin BBS ID: truedog

This is another beautiful 2007 model SC90M (above), this time in umber stain on flamed maple. Other features include rounded body sides, a tung-oiled neck, black hardware and coil splitters. 

Paul Sylvain's SC90M
Carvin Museum Forums ID: bluespckr

Evidently, 2007 has been a good year for SC90 Carvins.  This is another one that was built that year, and is just as nice as it's predecessors.  It's finished in Umber Stain with a thin Sunsetburst edge on quilted maple with matching CT headstock.  The body and neck are mahogany.  Other features include gold hardware, abalone dot inlays and headstock logo, medium-jumbo stainless steel frets, and push/pull coil splitters on the tone controls.

Paul says:

"I bought this guitar to replace an all-mahogany SC90 I foolishly sold earlier in the year (and have regretted since). I took the best features of the first and kicked it up a notch with this one. In my opinion the SC90 is an unsung hero in Carvin's product line. This guitar is well balanced tonally, thanks to combination of mahogany and maple tonewoods. It sustains and resonates forever. It does it all in a very comfortable package. This guitar just plain, old feels "right" when I have it strapped on.

Finally, Carvin hit a grand slam in meeting my custom order specs. I expected a great guitar, but this thing just blew me away."

John Lakota's SC90M
Carvin BBS ID: redaccent

This is a great example of what an SC90 can be, beyond the models that are normally seen.  This one is finished in Seafoam Green (which has since been discontinued), and has the CT headstock.  It also has a rounded mahogany neck and body, ebony finger-board, M-series bridge, & black hardware.


Bill Chapman's SC90T
Carvin BBS ID: Willie T

Here's a great looking SC90.  It features a mahogany body and a plain maple top, with the not-too-often seen non-rounded body sides, maple neck, and a vintage yellow finish.  It also has chrome hardware,  Wilkinson tremolo, and a C22N neck pickup and a M22SD bridge pickup.  This was bought in 2002 from Carvin's Hollywood showroom.  Nice!

Nightrain's SC90C
Carvin BBS ID: nightrain

Here's another classic SC90C.  It's finished in pearl white on non-rounded alder, with maple neck, black chrome hardware, abalone block inlays on ebony, and Floyd Rose tremolo.  More than just a guitar, this is a tribute to Nightrain's brother, who passed away in 1999 while this instrument was being built, and is inscribed "In Memory of Glenn" on the truss rod cover.  Very classy, and a fitting tribute.  Nightrain also has what is probably the first Bolt with the limited reverse inline "pointy" headstock - check it out, as well!

Rick Barnes' SC90T

This is Rick's stunning 2002 model SC90T.  It features a mahogany neck & body, with a tobacco sunburst quilted top and matching headstock.  It also has rounded body sides, C22B pickups, Wilkinson tremolo, gold hardware and straplocks.

Rick also has a DC150 and Bolt-T - see them here.


Tony Campisi's SC90S
Carvin BBS ID: KOR

This is Tony's '99 model, in tobaccoburst on mahogany with a mahogany neck, rounded body sides, and ebony fingerboard.  Other features include chrome hardware, and C22B and C22N pickups.

Tony also has a new CT6M - check it out.


Jason Weiss' SC90S

Here's a gorgeous SC90, with classy looks brought on by it's numerous upgrades.  It's finished in Cherry Sunburst on quilted maple with matching headstock, and mahogany neck and body.  Electronics consist of an M22SD in the bridge and an M22V in the neck position, with coil splitters and a phase switch.  Other features include abalone block inlays and gold hardware.


Lucky's SC90S
Carvin Museum Forums ID: lucky

This is an early SC90, from the first year they were produced (1995).  It's mahogany, with a Vintage Yellow finish and black chrome hardware.  Lucky says:

"Way back when, 10-years ago, when the internet was not a household item, and e-mail didn't work so good, the old stand-by was the telephone.  So with me being stationed in the Land-Of-The-Not-So-Right (South Korea) and Carvin being in San Diego, the telephone lines buzzed for days, while I tried to get myself a custom guitar that was going to be built to MY specs.

Well, that finally happened, and the guitar took only 6 weeks to build, but then it took another 7 weeks to work it's way through the military postal system and to finally get to Kunsan Air Base.

I wanted the highest output humbucking pickups, which I got.  I wanted the neck and body sides made out of mahogany, with the vintage yellow finish.  The sales rep told me that the yellow over mahogany would come out looking orange, but that's what I wanted.  And the guitar then got nicknamed, "the magic pumpkin" due to it's color.

But what a joy that guitar became.  And I still love playing it, even though I am currently playing bass in my latest band, but that great SC90 convinced me that I needed a Carvin bass.  A friend who plays bass in another band loaned me his LB75 and I really liked that bass, if only it had humbuckers on it.

So I did my internet research and then spoke with a Carvin expert named Kris, and I just got my postcard, so my new LB75 is being built, and to MY specs.

You gotta love a company that will build YOU a custom guitar or bass, made to YOUR SPECS, and not charge 4 or 5 grand for your probably unique instrument."

Excellent guitar, and a great story, as well.  Also, Lucky does some amazing flamed-paint jobs on guitars cases, motorcycle helmets, cars and other items - swing by his website to have a look at his work.  You can see Lucky's new LB75 right here.

Allyn Walters' SC90M
Carvin Museum Forums ID: wallyoh

Here's a very interesting 2005 model SC90, with all sorts of unique features.  First, and most obvious, it's a left-handed model.  It also has the M-Series bridge, with strings through the body, which isn't often seen on an SC90.  It also has the new CT-style headstock, which looks just great on an SC90 - in fact, this was probably the first SC90 to have the new headstock.  Other features include a Birdseye maple fingerboard with jumbo frets and abalone dot inlays, and Sunsetburst finish on swamp ash body.  Electronics consist of C22B and C22N pickups with coil splitters.

Alan Dover's SC90S
Carvin BBS ID: acdover

This is a great looking 2004 model SC90 that was an eBay score.  In addition to the beautiful gloss black finish, it has MOP block inlays, chrome hardware, and C22N/C22B pickups.


And here's Alan's SC90 with his pair of X-100B amps.

Johnny Brooks' SC90T
Carvin BBS ID: go_go_go_johnny_go_go_go

Here's a 2004 model SC90T, nicely equipped.  It has a walnut body, with a  five-piece walnut and maple neck, all with a tung-oil finish.  Other features include chrome hardware, with a Wilkinson tremolo, and ebony fingerboard with no inlays.  Electronics consis of C22N and C22B pickups.

Johnny also has a 2006 DC127M - see it right here.


Paul Smithberger's SC90M

This is a very nice 2005 model SC90M.  It has a mahogany neck and body, and is finished in Tobacco Sunburst.  Other features include black chrome hardware, and CT-style headstock.  Paul says:

"I thought about getting a Carvin for years (actually I was in love with Green Maple DC127 Quilt-tops with a Floyd Rose in the 90s catalogs). But my tastes have changed and I decided I wanted something like my first guitar, an LP copy, but not exactly the same. I finally ordered in late November '05 and it was delivered in January '06. It is all standard other than the CT headstock and the upgrade Finish. I think that the CT headstock is a great match for the SC90. I was a little nervous about the Tobacco Sunburst finish but it turned out just as I hoped it would."

Paul's SC90M
Carvin Museum Forums ID: bluespckr

This is Paul's 2006 model SC90M.  Like several other SC90s on this page (and like his own AC175), is has the new CT-style headstock, which just looks classy with the singlecut body style.  It's finished in Sunsetburst on mahogany, and has an unadorned rosewood fingerboard.  Other features include chrome hardware and stainless steel frets.  Electronics are unique, with a zebra C22J pickup in the neck position and a zebra C22B in the bridge position, with push/pull coil splitters on each volume control. Paul says:

"This little guitar continues to amaze me. It is light-weight and versatile, resonant and it sustains forever. The tone is clear and articulate, full and rich. The new J22 pickup is a perfect neck PUP for the SC90, and compliments the standard C22B perfectly. I have played Les Pauls for decades, and am most comfortable with the LP's control layout. I wanted to preserve the stock control and switch layout on this guitar, but wanted the added versatility of coil taps on each PUP. Carvin came through like a champ and I'm now finding this guitar has near limitless tonal possibilities thanks to various single-double coil combinations and tone control adjustments. This SC90 covers blues, classic garage-band type rock and roll, soul, jazz and country perfectly. It also is the perfect compliment to my AC-175. With these two guitars, I can cover anything I play, and then some."