Mark Foecking's SB60
Carvin BBS ID: Mark Foecking

What a beautiful example of a vintage Carvin bass!  This is Mark's 1974 SB60.

Says Mark: "This was purchased in about May of 1974.  With case and shipping it was about $330.  The serial number is 5779.  It was one of the first basses to have the dual pole piece humbucking pickups (the catalog showed the single pole piece ones and when I got it they wrote on the packing slip that the pickups were upgraded to the dual).  Hot pickups too!! It was made in Escondido I guess not too long after they moved."

Interestingly, this bass had the curved logo at the top of the headstock, which all my research indicates didn't appear until the '75/'76 model year - but since Mark bought this new, I'm sure he's correct about the date.  This could have been an early prototype, or it may be that Carvin put that logo on the higher-end basses they offered at the time.  Any thoughts?

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