The Webmaster's V220C

Early in 2007, Carvin made a move that was welcomed by many of their customers - the re-introduction of the V220 and Ultra V, two models that were hugely popular in the 1980s.  My V220C Elite was one of the first made, and is a twin to my BB70P Elite. Like the BB70EP, it has a bookmatched quilted front and back, maple body, pointed inline headstock and chrome hardware.  Other features include stainless steel jumbo frets, abalone diamond inlays, and a 5 piece maple/walnut neck.

David Villiard's V220C

One of the great things about the reintroduction of the V guitars was that customers could get these great 80's classics equipped with Carvin's current lineup of options.  And this V220C is a perfect example.  Cherryburst on flamed maple with maple fingerboard, Floyd Rose tremolo and chrome hardware.  Perfect!

Matt Lange's V220M
Carvin Museum Forums ID: cisspcism

This is another 2007 reissue V220M; one of the first made.  It's finished in Crimson Red on mahogany with gold hardware, diamond inlays and cream coils with black bezels.