Matt D's V227
Carvin Forums ID: mattd

This is just cool.  In the summer of 2006, Matt bought the parts from Carvin, and had this custom 7-string V220 built for him.  It has a tung-oiled maple neck and alder body and ebony fingerboard.  The pickups are DiMarzios (Tone Zone in the bridge position, Blaze in the neck position).  Notice also the headstock inlay - an homage to 80's era Carvins.  Very slick!

See more construction photos right here, and the rest of Matt's collection right here.

Adam Ravitz's Bass

This is a cool one!  Made with a Carvin neck with birdseye maple fingerboard and Carvin active/passive electronics module, this cool creation features the ultra-swank Kahler bass tremolo, Bartolini pickups (split coil in the neck position, and triple coil in the bridge position) and Sperzel locking tuners.  The body is alder with a very nice figured spalted maple top.  Well done!

See more pictures here.

John Isch's XB-75 Project
Carvin BBS ID: Jisch

What we've got here is an XB-75 5-string neck (5-piece, natch), walnut body and tiger maple top.  Very cool.  I particularly like the lower end of the neck that extends slightly out of the body curve.  A very nice touch.  John has many photos of the bass in progress on his website, so be sure and take a look - and hats off to him on this great instrument!

A perfect example of what someone with a vision, a father with power tools and the know-how to use them, and parts from Carvin can become.  The first time I saw this, I remember thinking "I don't remember Carvin offering a model like this...".  I actually thought this was a custom shop job, not something a guy and his dad built in the garage.  I'm actually quite envious - I can do the web stuff you see here, but I don't think I could carve a pair of chopsticks. 

Colin Evans' Guitar & Bass

Here's a pair of very nice handmade guitars that Colin made with his grandfather.  Below is what he had to say:

"The first one is a fretless 4-string bass (left) we made for my brother as a graduation/18th birthday present. It has a maple body capped (front and back) with purpleheart, EMG Select Jazz pickups, 2 volumes, a tone, a 3-way switch, a Gotoh bridge, Gotoh tuners, and a satin finish.

The second instrument is a 6-string electric (above) for that we built for myself that has a bubinga/cocobolo body with a purpleheart strip inlaid on the headstock and the end of the neck-thru, Tom Anderson pickups, volume, tone, 3-way switch, Schaller bridge, Schaller locking tuners, and a satin finish.

The Carvin necks are absolutely fantastic. The fretless bass plays like a dream, and the inlaid fret lines are a great addition. My guitar has the tone that I've been searching for, and has become my main "go-to" guitar. I sanded the neck down on treble-side of the neck to make it asymmetrical, and that also made it a very fast and easy neck to play. Carvin's workmanship was topnotch in both cases, and I would happily do business with them again!"

Unknown P-Bass Hybrid

This bass has been listed for sale on GBase for years, and is identified as "made by Carvin".  We know better though, don't we?  My best guess is that someone bought a Carvin neck, and put it on a generic P-Bass style body.  Still, it doesn't look bad, at least from the photo.