Dave Farmer's LS175
Carvin BBS ID: Farmer Dave

The LS175 was a guitar Carvin introduced in 1991, and it was only available for one year. Presumably, there are very few of these out there, and Dave has a great example here.   This model was totally different than other Carvins at the time - it was basically a Carvin Stratocaster.  It had the same 25.5" scale, 22-fret neck of the Strat, and the 3-pickup configuration.  Unlike the Strat, this was neck-through, and was available with Carvins array of options.

Daves has had the original H60T pickup replaced with an EMG, but it still has the H60Ns in the neck and middle position.  It's finished in Sapphire Blue on maple, and has black chrome hardware and a Floyd Rose tremolo.




Tony Campisi's BC130
Carvin Museum Forums ID: KOR

This is Tony's BC130 project.  He did the paint job himself, and loaded it with a C22B and a pair of twinblades, and completed the look with black chrome hardware.  He says:

"This is a 1990 BC130 unfinished body I bought from Ebay in 2006. It was purchased, by the seller, in 1991 and never used. This model was only made for one year and at that time, was the first bolt on neck Carvin offered in over 10 years. It was also the year they changed from all maple bodies and began using poplar. All parts are new Carvin production. It is wired with a 5 way switch and the mini switch is an on- off for the C22B. It has Sperzel locking tuners and an original Floyd Rose Trem."

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