Jon Fine's HF2
Carvin BBS ID: jfine

This is the first Holdsworth model finished in Carvin's beautiful dragonburst finish.  Like other models in the finish, it looks spectacular, especially on the quilted top.  It's loaded with H22 pickups, and has abalone block inlays and chrome hardware.

Ice Huang's H2

This one is totally custom - it features a mahogany neck and body, C22N humbucker in the neck position and M22SD humbucker in the bridge position with coil splitters and phase switches.  This one was made by the Custom Shop with a one-of-a-kind Birdseye maple top, with a unique tri-burst blue with matching headstock.  This is a great example of Carvin's willingness and ability to make guitars beyond the thousands of possible combinations on the standard options list, and it is a beauty!

Tom's HF2
Carvin BBS ID: tms13pin

Here's another great looking and unusual Holdsworth Fatboy.  The obvious feature that makes this instrument unique is the flamed spalted maple top.  In addition to the stunning top, this HF2 has a Birdseye maple fingerboard and gold hardware.

"Spalted" wood occurs in nature when a fungus begins consuming a cut or dead maple tree (other woods can be spalted, too).  Carvin does not offer spalted maple as a standard option, but there have been several spalted models made.


Drew's H2T
Carvin Museum Forums ID: FastRedPonyCar

This H2 Holdsworth was actually originally owned by Tom, owner of the spalted HF2 above.  However, recently Tom sold it to Drew, which makes his 2nd Carvin. 










It's finished in Umber Stain on quilted maple with matching headstock.  Other features include a birdseye maple fingerboard with abalone dot inlays, Wilkinson tremolo, and black chrome hardware.  Active electronics consist of "zebra" Holdsworth pickups, dual coil splitters and phase switching.


Sergio's H2
Carvin BBS ID: EyesLikeFire

Another beautiful Holdsworth!  And this 2004 model is absolutely feature-laden, as well.  Most obviously, it has a great flamed koa top with matching headstock.  However, that's where the similarity between this H2 and most, if not all, other Holdsworth's ends.  The standard Holdsworth body is alder, and it's chambered, and an alder neck is standard (although mahogany is sometimes used for the neck and body.  This H2 has a solid koa body (no chambering), with an alder slice in-between the main body and flamed koa top (similar to an Anniversary model), and a koa neck that could almost be described as "burled", even though koa generally doesn't fall under this classification.  Other features include gold hardware, ebony fingerboard, and gold Carvin logo (the first guitar to sport this).  Electronics consist of Holdsworth pickups with phase switching and coil-splitters.  Also of note are the custom-made burled walnut and maple truss rod cover and pickup mounting rings that Sergio added.  Very nice!


Sam Bartley's HF2
Carvin BBS ID: StudioHack

This is a very nice 2004 model Fatboy, finished in vintage yellow on quilted maple with matching headstock.  Other features include an alder body, no inlays on the ebony fingerboard, and black chrome hardware.  Electronics consist of H22 humbuckers with coil splitters and phase switching.  Sam says:

"I ordered this after my visit to the Carvin store in San Diego. I love its resonance and versatile tones. The neck is very comfortable in my large hands, and it's so easy to play. By far the best guitar I've ever owned."

Bob Zolty's H2T (and friend's H2T)

What a pair of Holdsworth models!  Bob's was a recent eBay score, and has a flamed koa top.  Bob has made some mods to it, including the addition of the Buzz Feiten tuning system, 250K pots with Ibanez speed knobs, and an AP11 single coil pickup in the neck position.   He's also going to add the Tremol-no System, which modifies a convention tremolo so that it can be easily converted to fixed, floating, or dive-only easily, without any permanent modifications to the guitar.  Other features include a mahogany body and neck, and chrome hardware.

The other H2T belongs to one of Bob's friends, and is a new model, finished in umber stain on quilted maple.  It's stock, with a mahogany neck & body, chrome hardware, and Holdsworth pickups.

Mike McInnis' CL450
Carvin BBS ID:  mikeymac

This is Mike's second Carvin, following his left-handed gloss black CL450.  This Fatboy is similar, finished in gloss black, and of course, left-handed.  Other features include an unadorned ebony fingerboard, Holdsworth pickups, and gold Carvin logo.



Van's HF2
Carvin BBS ID: Van

There's koa, and then there's koa.  This is probably the most stunning koa top I've ever seen, and it maybe be one of the finest guitars Carvin has produced in recent memory.  In addition to the extraordinary top and matching headstock, this one has a mahogany neck and body, matte satin finish on the back of the neck, no inlays on the ebony fingerboard, black chrome hardware and stainless steel frets.