The Webmaster's (former) DN612

Although shown on my Collections page, and recently sold, this DN612 is worth a second look.  I scored this '88 model on eBay in 2002 for about $750 - a little pricey, but you just don't see too many of these, especially with the ultra-odd 12-inline headstock.  The pictures don't really show how cool the pearl white finish is, but in person, it's pretty sweet.  It's a real pain to tune - the 12 tuners are so close together, that it's tough to tune one without accidentally hitting the adjacent ones.  Still, it's a great guitar, and a good example of the long-gone doublenecks.

Chad's DN612
Carvin Museum Forums ID: cabo5150

This has to be one of the most unusual DC612's ever to come out of San Diego.  It's a 1993 model, which was the last year they were produced, and what makes this one so unique is the pickup and electronics configuration.  Unlike other DN612s that have both neck and bridge pickups, Chad ordered this one like the DC125 - that is, a single pickup on each neck.  This is most likely the only DN612 out there with this configuration.  The electronics are very straightforward, with outputs for each neck, volume and tone controls for each neck, and a mini neck selector switch.  The 6 string is equipped with an M22SD, and the 12-string is equipped with an M22.  Other features include black chrome hardware, Wilkinson tremolo, Sperzel tuners, and Pearl Blue finish with black painted traditional headstocks.


Mark Rubottom's DN612K

This is a great vintage DN612K, from the early to mid-1980's.  It has a koa body and necks with gold hardware, ebony fingerboards and M22 pickups.  Mark has two of these, plus a bunch of other vintage Carvin gear - see them all right here.

Unknown DN612

This is an interesting DN612 - it's a 1993 model, which was the last year of production.   It has a number of interesting features, including the combination of a traditional 6 X 6 headstock with a 6 inline, a single volume control for each neck and no tone control, and a Wilkinson tremolo.  The finish is Cherry Sunburst.

If you're the owner of this DN612, please get in touch with the Webmaster - more photos and details would be very appreciated.


Unknown DN612

Here's a gorgeous example of a vintage yellow DN612 from the early 90s.  I think this was on eBay a while back - but I don't remember for sure.  Regardless, it's probably the nicest example of a DN612 I've ever seen - quilted top, maple fingerboards, reverse 6 headstock - extraordinary!

Note the non-standard control configuration on this one.  The 12-string neck has the usual volume and tone controls, as well as a neck selector switch, and 3 other controls.  Phase switches?  Coil splitters?  The 6-string neck has three knobs - most certainly, there is a tone and volume, but what does the 3rd one do?

Unknown DN612

Speaking of doubleneck 12/6's, here's a very cool one.  And this one is quite unusual.  For starters, and most obviously, the 12 string neck is on the bottom, not the top.  Also, notice the control configuration - very simple.  But what makes this really cool, is that according to the owner, this was made in 1996, 3 years after the final production of the DN series ended.  I'm sure there's a great story behind that!

Unknown DN612

This is a DN612 from late 1991/early 1992.  It's all natural, with abalone blocks on ebony, a mixture of black and gold hardware (probably not stock) and 12-inline headstock.