Andy Buschmann's DC125

This is an interesting model, from the first year the DC125 was produced.  Here's what Andy had to say:

"I've attached a pic of my DC125 which I received on 3-14-1986.  It was ordered with an added neck humbucker and phase switch.  The Deep Pearl Blue paint job is my favorite color.  I added the red/black neck M22V PU  & Sperzels in Dec 1991.  The front PU cavity is not sprayed because they took a DC125 and added the neck PU.  Neck and body are Eastern hardrock maple

Carvin made a mistake and put a Kahler trem on the guitar.  They asked me if I'd take the Kahler at cost but I wanted a hardtail so they started over.  The other attached pic is Vickie Peterson (Bangles) playing what I will always believe is the guitar they built for me with the whammy bar;  it's exactly the guitar I ordered plus the bar."

Chris Morrison's DC125C

Here's an unusual DC125C, from 1992.  Most obvious is the pearl blue "ST" body option, which was a $40 option at the time.  Also unusual is the aftermarket pickup configuration - it has an EMG 89 in the bridge position, and an EMG SA in the middle position.  Other features include gold hardware, a Floyd Rose tremolo and a maple fingerboard with abalone dot inlays.