Andy Rozenshtekher's DC727
Carvin Museum Forums ID: schism

Here's a very cool DC727, with an interesting backstory.  This was originally built by Carvin's lead guitar tech, Albert Comas, for his own use, but eventually, he sold it to Andy.   Everything about this instrument is totally unique.  It has a mahogany body and neck, with a thin layer of ebony sandwiched in between, like the Anniversary Series guitars and basses.  The ebony fingerboard is deeply scalloped, similar to an Yngwie Malmsteen Strat.  It has two custom wound hum-canceling pickups, and the single volume knob is a push/pull pickup selector.

Matt Ballenger's DC727C
Carvin BBS ID: mbball1

This DC727 is simply amazing, thanks to the incredible paint job that Matt envisioned, and that Carvin produced.  Dubbed "Dragonburst", it's emerald green with sapphire blue burst, and does look like you'd expect a dragon to look.  This was the first guitar made in this finish by Carvin, who shortly thereafter made the DC727 for Toshi Iseda shown at the top of the page.  The body is alder, with a maple neck and quilted maple top.  It has an ebony fingerboard with abalone block inlays and stainless steel frets, chrome hardware, and 7-string Floyd Rose tremolo.  Electronics consist of C26 pickups with active electronics, phase switching and coil splitters.

Matt says:

"This guitar was my hiring bonus to myself for starting a new job. I don't recall what prompted me to try this color scheme specifically. Maybe it was because I liked blue and green and couldn't decide on just one. Moreso, I wanted a look that would stand out from the crowd. I aimed for what I thought was called a dragonburst scheme that I later learned was commonly referred to as Caribbean burst by Ed Roman and the like. The idea was to make a guitar that looked like a dragon. A conceptual model was photoshopped by fellow Carvin BBS member, Baimun. Given the original dragon theme, I decided to go with a quilted maple cap so as to give the impression of dragon scales. The abalone inlays and standard chrome hardware were chosen for the same scale emulating effect. The folks at Carvin did well. The guitar has a 3D texture that seems to come alive like a living, breathing dragon. We even nicknamed the guitar TROGDOR on the BBS.

Here's the real catch: it plays even better than it looks! From jazz fusion to prog metal this guitar rips! Go Carvin!"

On a side note, if you're unfamiliar with TROGDOR the BURNINATOR, it's one of those Internet crazes that inexplicably becomes hugely popular, spawning dozens of sites, games, songs and more.  For a little TROGDOR background, click here.

Dave Terry's DC727C
Carvin BBS ID: dto

Here's a great looking DC727. It's a 2004 model, with mahogany neck and body, ebony fingerboard with no inlays, Floyd Rose tremolo, black chrome hardware, and is finished in ruby red stain on quilted maple with blackburst edges. 

Dave also has a DC127 - check it out!

Dave's DC727
Carvin BBS ID: Dave Frattaroli

This is a very nice DC727, in one of Carvin's newer finishes, Burnt Umber Stain on flamed maple.  It also has an alder body with tung-oiled maple neck, matching headstock, ebony fingerboard with abalone dot inlays and black hardware.  Electronics consist of a pair of C26 pickups with coil splitters and phase switching.

Dave is also in the middle of building his own guitar, totally from scratch.  Check out his website to see very detailed photos and descriptions of the build process.

Mubodude's DC727C
Carvin BBS ID: Mubodude

Here's a great looking DC727C, sporting an interesting combination of woods.  The body and neck are walnut, and it has a contrasting clear gloss on quilt top with matching headstock.  The top really compliments the walnut body nicely, and gives the whole instrument a unique look.  Other features include coil splitters, no inlyas on the ebony fingerboard, black chrome hardware, and a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo.


Brad Hafner's DC727C
Carvin BBS ID: Mosaic

Brad's recent DC727C is one of a very few finished in Harlequin Prismatique, a finish that was discontinued in 2004.  Other features of Brad's guitar are abalone block inlays, black chrome hardware, and a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo.

Brad also has a new CT6T - see it right here!

Timothy Rule's DC747W

Here's a gorgeous DC747W, with a Claro walnut top and matching headstock.  The body is walnut, and it has the thin maple center used only on the W and A series instruments.  Other features include a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, hardtail bridge and black chrome hardware.


Jeff's DC727
Carvin BBS ID: polaris160

This is another nice 7-stringer - in this case, an '04 DC727.  it has a mahogany body, with a 5-piece mahogany/walnut neck, all finished in tung oil.  Hardware is black, and it has an ebony fingerboard with no inlays.


Marc Lambert's DC727C
Carvin BBS ID: AsIAm666

Marc's '05 DC727C, dubbed "The Sevenator", is another real looker!  It's finished in Ruby Red Stain on quilted maple with matching headstock, 5-piece maple/koa neck with abalone block inlays on the ebony fingerboard.  Other features include active/passive electronics, gold hardware, and Floyd Rose tremolo with locking nut.


Robert "Bull" French's DC727C
Carvin Museum Forums ID: bigbadbull

Bull likes 'em brown (see his DC135T here), and his 2004 DC727C is as brown as they get.  Tung-oiled mahogany neck and body, with an ebony fingerboard that has no inlays.   Black chrome hardware and a Floyd Rose tremolo round out the package.  Active electronics consist of C26 pickups with dual volume and dual tone controls, as well as phase switch and coil splitters.



Scott Coello's DC727

Here's a nice DC727; a 2004 model.  It's finished in Ruby Red Stain on flamed maple with matching headstock.  Other features include gold hardware, an ebony fingerboard with dot inlays and engraved truss rod cover. Electronics consist of C26  pickups with phase switch and coil splitters.


Ron Kovach's DC747
Carvin BBS ID: rokovak

This is a very nice 2005 model DC747, which Ron received in July of '05.  It has a tung-oiled mahogany body with a maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with MOP block inlays, and stainless steel jumbo frets.  Ron says:

"Ordered on May 24 '05, born on July 17. I wanted it to have a 70's vintage vibe to it sort of like the old school BC Richs, so I skipped out on all the flame/quilt fluff and opted for just the essentials. Shortly after I received it, a fellow Carvinite made me a mahogany truss rod cover. I'll probably ask him to make me a maple back plate to complement the neck. Rose wood knobs w/ mother-of-pearl inlays are next, possibly Steinberger gearless tuners if I can find a place that'll sell me seven of them."

Nick's DC727C
Carvin BBS ID: kmanick

This is a beautiful 2006 model DC727C, finished in umber stain with sunsetburst edges on quilted maple.  The body and neck are mahogany, and the neck has a tung-oiled finish.  Other options include a birdseye maple neck with abalone dot inlays and stainless steel frets, Floyd Rose tremolo with locking nut and gold hardware.


In-Stock DC747C

Generally, instruments from Carvin's In-Stock section aren't listed in the Player's Gallery, but this DC747C is worth a look at.  It's finished in beautiful umber stain with sunsetburst edges, but what really sets this apart is the solid quilted body (versus just a quilted top).  Notice that the neck also has some nice flame to it, as well.  Other features include gold hardware, a Floyd Rose tremolo, and a birdseye maple fingerboard with no markers.