Drew's DC145

Here's a great looking 2004 model DC145, with all the bells and whistles.  It's finished in Deep Purple stain on quilted maple with matching reverse inline headstock.  The neck is maple with a birdseye maple fingerboard, and the body is mahogany.  It came stock with H22N/AP11/M22SD pickups, but Drew upgraded both humbuckers to C22Bs, and coil splitters were factory installed.  Other features include jumbo stainless steel frets, Floyd Rose tremolo, Sperzel locking tuners and black chrome hardware.

Dustin Little's DC135 & DC145

This is a nice pair of Carvins that really compliment each other well.  On the left is Dustin's feature-laden DC135C, which is finished in Ruby Red stain on quilt with blackburst edges and matching reverse inline headstock.  The rounded body sides are mahogany, and it has a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, ebony fingerboard, abalone block inlays and stainless steel frets.  Electronics consist of an M22SD humbucker, and a pair of TBH60s.  Each pickup has a coil-splitter, and the bridge pickup has an on-off switch, which in conjunction with the 5-way switch, allows all 3 pickups to be on at the same time.  Other features include an original Floyd Rose tremolo, black chrome hardware, and gold Carvin logo on the headstock.

On the right is Dustin's DC145.  It's finished in Greenburst on quilt with matching reverse inline headstock.  Many of the features are the same as the DC135C, including a rounded mahogany body, 5MW neck, abalone blocks, black hardware and Dunlop straplocks.  Electronics are similar to the DC135, with an M22 SD in the bridge, TBH60 in the center, and M22N in the neck, with coil splitters, 5-way switch, and on/off switch for the bridge pickup.  With Dustin's guitars is his MTS3200 half-stack.

Richard Finney's DC145C
Carvin BBS ID: Dr. Shrinker

This is one of the coolest DC145 models out there.  At first glance, someone who has some knowledge of Carvins would think it was an early 90's model, based primarily on the headstock shape.  However, on closer inspection, this guitar has features that weren't available in the early 1990s, such a Sperzel tuners and a 5-piece neck.  So, what gives?  In 2004, Carvin offered a reissue of the 90/91 "pointy" headstock on any new models, and this is one of the first guitars to be made with that feature.  It's a 2004 model, in Vintage Yellow on quilted maple with matching "pointy" headstock, Birdseye maple fingerboard and chrome hardware.  Read more about the pointy headstock reissue on the 2004 Guitars page.

Corbstrat's DC145C
Carvin Museum Forums ID: corbstrat

Here's another DC145C with the reissue "pointy" headstock.  In this case, it's a 2005 model, finished in sapphire blue on quilted maple.  The body is mahogany, and it has a 5-piece maple/walnut neck.  Other features include an ebony fingerboard with MOP block inlays and jumbo frets, black chrome hardware, tung-oiled neck and coil splitters for the C22 humbuckers.  This has since moved on to be a part of Nightrain's collection.

Largtr's DC145C
Carvin BBS ID: largtr

Here's another nice DC145C, and this one has some interesting features.  For starters, it has a tung-oiled koa neck with a swamp ash body.  The body is finished in blueburst, with a natural koa headstock.  Also, in addition to coil splitters for the C22N & B pickups, it has on-off switches.  Other features include black chrome hardware and licensed Floyd Rose tremolo.



Brian Frank's DC145C

This is a great vintage Carvin DC145C, from the heyday of pointy headstocks and wild colors.  In this caser, it's an '89model, finished in Pearl Pink.  Brian ordered it new in 1989, and had it equipped with an M22SD in the bridge, along with the center H11 and neck M22 pickups.  It has the reverse inline headstock, Kahler tremolo with heavy arm, and black hardware.  Nice!