Patrick Smits' DC135T
Carvin BBS ID: smitty
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This is another great example of what Carvin can do when given a good idea to work with.  The finish on this DC135T is completely custom - it's clear gloss, with a wide trans green burst.  Other features include a birdseye maple fingerboard with a 12" radius neck, chrome hardware, C22B humbucker in the bridge position with a coil splitter, and AP11 pickups in the middle and neck positions.  Smitty says:

"The DC body style is very comfortable to play when standing up with a strap or sitting down. The 12" radius neck is perfect. Neck shape is extremely comfortable for my hands. The weight is perfect. The focused tone is perfect. The fret job is perfect. I also like the pickup configuration and the sound this combination of pickups yields. Overall I'd say this guitar is, well, ah, perfect!"


Robert "Bull" French's DC135T
Carvin Museum Forums ID: bigbadbull

Just look at the top on this one!  Bull asked for the swirliest mahogany top Carvin could find, and what a top they came up with.  Other features of this great guitar include a CT headstock with gold logo, black chrome hardware, Wilkinson tremolo,  mahogany neck and body and 20" radius ebony fingerboard with abalone dot inlays and stainless steel jumbo frets.  Electronics consist of 2 AP11 single coils and an M22SD with "always on" switch and coil splitter.

He's also got a super-nice DC727C - see it right here.


Drew's DC135T

Here's a nice DC135, in blueburst on alder with matching headstock and non-rounded body sides.  It has a Wilkinson tremolo, and chrome hardware, and the electronics consist of a Holdsworth H22N in the bridge position with a coil splitter and two AP-11 single coils.  All the pickups have their own on/off switch, allowing for any combination of pickups to be used.  Nice!

Dustin Little's DC135 & DC145

This is a nice pair of Carvins that really compliment each other well.  On the left is Dustin's feature-laden DC135C, which is finished in Ruby Red stain on quilt with blackburst edges and matching reverse inline headstock.  The rounded body sides are mahogany, and it has a 5-piece maple/walnut neck, ebony fingerboard, abalone block inlays and stainless steel frets.  Electronics consist of an M22SD humbucker, and a pair of TBH60s.  Each pickup has a coil-splitter, and the bridge pickup has an on-off switch, which in conjunction with the 5-way switch, allows all 3 pickups to be on at the same time.  Other features include an original Floyd Rose tremolo, black chrome hardware, and gold Carvin logo on the headstock.

On the right is Dustin's DC145.  It's finished in Greenburst on quilt with matching reverse inline headstock.  Many of the features are the same as the DC135C, including a rounded mahogany body, 5MW neck, abalone blocks, black hardware and Dunlop straplocks.  Electronics are similar to the DC135, with an M22 SD in the bridge, TBH60 in the center, and M22N in the neck, with coil splitters, 5-way switch, and on/off switch for the bridge pickup.  With Dustin's guitars is his MTS3200 half-stack.

Julien' DC135ST

Here's a very unusual 1989 model DC135.  At that time, you could order other DC models with the "ST" body of the DC145, which is exactly what this is.  It's finished in trans green on flamed maple, and '89 was the first year this was available.  It has an M22SD and a pair of H11 stacked humbuckers, a maple fingerboard, tung-oiled neck, black chrome hardware and Kahler tremolo.

Also unusual about this one is that Julien picked it up on eBay, in France.  Carvins are generally harder to come by in Europe, especially unusual ones like this.


Jeff Cruise's DC135TL

This is a 2005 model DC135T, in a left-handed configuration.  It's finished in blueburst on flamed maple, with alder body and maple neck.  It has black chrome hardware, no inlays on the ebony fingerboard, and a Wilkinson tremolo.  Electronics consist of an M22SD humbucker and a pair of AP11 single-coil pickups.

Jeff also has a 90's-era Ultra V, which is shown below with his DC135.  You can see more of the Ultra V here.



Perry's DC135M
Carvin BBS ID: padams

This is a 2005 model DC125M, outfitted quite nicely.   It's finished in Antique Brown Stain with blackburst edges on flamed maple, and has an alder body and maple neck.  Other features include abalone blocks on ebony, chrome hardware, and a reverse inline headstock.


Dave Justo's DC135C
Carvin BBS ID: IIIBaroqueIII

Here's a very nice 2004 model DC135C, which is finished in Sapphire Blue on flamed koa with matching flamed koa headstock.  The body is walnut, and the neck is maple.  The fingerboard is ebony, with medium-jumbo stainless steel frets and abalone dot inlays.  It has chrome hardware, and a Floyd Rose tremolo with locking nut.  Electronics consist of a C22B in the bridge, AP11 in the center, and twinblade in the neck position, all controlled by a 5-way switch, and with a coil splitter for the humbucker.


Dave says:

"With the few modifications I made, this guitar can get any sound you could imagine, and most importantly sounds amazing. I internally reversed the pickups phase and replaced the neck's AP11 with a twinblade. Without a doubt the best tone I've heard from a guitar.  The paintjob just turned out absolutely amazing and surpassed all my expectations. It was a big chance painting figured koa and walnut so I wasn't too sure what to expect. When I first received my DC135 and examined the paint job closely, it was just crazy. The photos do an ok job, but this of all guitars is something you must see in person to fully view what's going on with the wood and paint. I can only describe it as 'Holographic'. With the dark brown underneath the blue, it just creates a spectrum of colors like teal, green, blue-green, blue, dark purple; all of which change as you change the angle of the guitar. It's like waves of hippie colors. Truly amazing, I love Carvin."

Dave's photos were taken by Rachael Speth.

Valère's DC135T

This is a very nice Carvin that has made it's way to Valère in France.  It's finished in sunsetburst on flame with a matching headstock.  It has chrome hardware and a Wilkinson tremolo.  Valère swapped out the stock pickups with a John Suhr DSH+ and V60s.

Mike Olsen's DC135C
Carvin BBS ID: Axe

Here's a beautiful 2006 model DC135C.  It's finished in Umber stain with Cherryburst edges on flamed maple with matching inline headstock.  It has an alder body and tung-oiled maple neck with Birdseye maple fingerboard.  Other features include chrome hardware and a Floyd Rose tremolo with locking nut.  Electronics consist of a C22B humbucker and a pair of twinblades.


Jay Warthen's DC135T

This is a great example of an early-90's DC135T.  It's from sometime between 1993 and 1995 (based on the headstock), and since matching headstocks started to catch on by the mid-90's, most likely, it's a '93 or '94 model.  It's finished in Pearl Red with an ebony fingerboard, gold hardware and Wilkinson tremolo.  Pickups consist of a pair of S60 single-coils and an M22 humbucker.


Matt Newman's DC135
Carvin Museum Forums ID: ElfDude

Here's a very nice DC135 from 1999.  It's finished in Cherry Sunburst on flamed maple with a matching headstock, and has a maple fingerboard with black dots and black hardware.  Electronics consist of an H22T humbucker with coil-splitter and two AP11 single coil pickups with a 5-way selector switch.