Ryan Freeland's DC127
Carvin BBS ID: RyanF

This is a 2007 model DC127C, finished in Umber Stain with CHerryburst edges on flamed maple.  Other features include a birdseye maple fingerboard with abalone dot inlays and medium-jumbo stainless stell frets, tung-oiled neck and gold hardware.

Ryan says:

"After getting my first Carvin product (an MTS3212) I knew I had to get a Carvin guitar eventually. I agonized over options for quite awhile until I finally decided on the umber stain with a gradual fade to cherry burst, inspired by Smitty's son's DC127. I honestly could not be more happy with the guitar. Thanks Carvin!"

Erik Nett's DC127C
Carvin Museum Forums ID: syrnett

This is a beautiful DC127C, with an interesting backstory.  Erik says:

"I had placed my order in October 2005 to my exact specifications. Unfortunately 4 weeks later I canceled the order for a variety of reasons. In early January 2006, I happened to browse the Carvin web sites In Stock section, and was shocked to see my exact guitar for sale. Even though I canceled the order, for some reason they went ahead and built the exact guitar anyways. I jumped on the chance once I saw how gorgeous it looked and bought the guitar. But looks alone wont cut it with me... it has to play and sound great.

Six days later it arrived. As excited as I was to have my guitar waiting for me when I got home today, there was a big part of me that was extremely tentative. I knew it was gorgeous since I was fortunate to have Carvin provide a professional level photo of the actual guitar via the In Stock section where I ordered the guitar, but how would it feel and sound? I opened the box knowing very well that this guitar may be getting shipped back the next day no matter how it looked. I did my homework before ordering this guitar and heard all the horror stories. I read all the posts on multiple sites from the Carvin bashers and the fanboys alike. I read every review on Harmony Central. I was prepared and expected the worst when I opened the box."

Pretty cool story!  Needless to say, Erik got a real winner - you can read his entire review on the Carvin Museum Forums, right here.

And this one is seriously loaded.  It's finished in Umber Stain on quilted maple with matching headstock and rounded body sides.  The body and neck are mahogany, and the Birdseye maple fingerboard has abalone dot markers and jumbo stainless steel frets.  Other features include an original Floyd Rose tremolo and Sperzel locking tuners in chrome.  Electronics consist of C22N and C22B pickups.


Aaron's DC127TK
Carvin BBS ID: shredfan

This is an incredible DC127, just loaded with features.  Most obvious is the beautiful flamed koa top.  Also very obvious is the reissue "pointy" headstock, also in flamed koa.  The body is walnut, with a tung-oiled 5-piece maple/walnut neck. Other features include a birdseye maple fingerboard with abalone dot inlays, gold hardware, piezo Wilkinson tremolo and gold hardware.  Electronics consist of an M22SD in the bridge position, and an H22N in the neck position.  Aaron says:

"This DC127T is my first Carvin guitar, and as long as I have the funds, I know this won't be my last. I wouldn't change a thing on this guitar, its completely perfect for me. I can't say enough, but I know I can say too much, so I'm gonna stop and go play it some more."

Gregg Willow's DC127C

This is a nice one.  Ruby red stain on quilt with gold hardware is a terrific, classy combination.  Gregg adds:

"...quilted maple, ruby red stain, Floyd Rose trem, gold hardware, active electronics, abalone inlays, M22N and M22T, etc. It could go as a DC400 because basically that's what it is. But it's registered with Carvin as DC127. It was cheaper to buy the DC127 and add everything to it.  Oh yeah, it sounds great!"

Looks great, too!


Jason Andreasen's DC127T
Carvin BBS ID: Jason_A

WWW: http://andreasen.8m.com/Guitar_Pics/DC127.html

This is a real beauty, especially for fans of koa wood.  In addition to the fantastic flamed koa top and matching headstock, this DC127T has a koa body, 5-piece maple/koa neck with tung oil finish and gold hardware.  Of note, an option you don't see very often anymore is the non-rounded body sides.  Compare the edges of the body to the DC127 above - see the difference?

See Jason's website above for more details and pictures on this one.




Dave Terry's DC127M
Carvin BBS ID: dto
WWW: http://www.daveterry.com/guitars/

This is Dave's 2004 DC127M (he also has a DC727C).  This one has a mahogany body, tung-oiled maple neck, ebony fingerboard with no inlays, black chrome hardware, and is finished in sapphire blue on quilted maple.  Nice!

John's DC127T
Carvin BBS ID: jkd6h

This is a great example of a DC127T, in Ruby Red stain on quilted maple with matching headstock.  Other features include abalone block inlays, gold hardware and C22B and C22T pickups.

John also has a new CT6M - see it here.


Chris Small's DC127

Here's a 2003 DC127, in this case, with a walnut body with maple neck.  It has a reverse inline headstock, no inlays on the ebony fingerboard, and M22SD (bridge) and M22N (neck) pickups with coil splitters and phase switch.


Turbo's DC127
Carvin BBS ID: turbo

This is another nice DC127, with classical good looks that come from clear gloss on flamed maple - and what flamed maple!  The flame in this one has an interesting and unusual pattern, and probably wouldn't look as nice with a colored stain.  Other features of this one includes a hardtail bridge, chrome hardware and coil splitters and phase switching.


Patrick Smits' DC127T
Carvin BBS ID: smitty
WWW: http//surveysaid.com

This 2005 beauty actually was Patrick's son, Jesse's, 15th birthday present - and what a present!  It's umber stain with cherryburst edges on flamed maple with matching headstock, and the cherryburst edges have a more gradual fade than normal (which was done by request).  Other features include gold hardware, Wilkinson tremolo and birdseye maple fingerboard with abalone dot inlays.

Patrick has his own Carvin, also - a CT6T.  See it right here.


Brent Wisdom's DC127C
Carvin BBS ID: golgotha
WWW: http://www.k626.net

Here's a 1994 DC127C that looks just as good now as it did over 10 years ago.  It's finished in gloss black on alder with a maple neck, and has matching black chrome hardware.  Electronics consist of an M22SD in the bridge position and a C22N in the neck position.  Brent removed the active electronics module , and rewired the phase switch as an on/off switch.

Brent says:

"When the guitar finally got to me my girlfriend at the time (now my wife), my drummer, and I were all standing around the unopened case and I unlatched it and proclaimed, "Behold Excalibur" and then opened the case. Chills went down my spine, I was in love. I eventually had the truss rod cover engraved with the guitars name, Excalibur."


Jarrid Cima's DC127C
Carvin Museum Forums ID: c_fan

Here's a 1990 model DC127 that Jarrid bought new when he was in high school.  Stock features included a Floyd Rose tremolo, birdseye maple fingerboard with abalone dot inlays and gold hardware.  And obviously, Jarrid covered it in Real Tree camouflage tape, which gives it a cool 90's look.


Paul's DC127FA
Carvin BBS ID: Gr8fulbluz

This is a beautiful DC127FA from 2004.  The "FA" indicates that it's equipped with a Fishman acoustic bridge, which was first introduced in 2001.  Paul's DC127FA is finished in greenburst on flamed maple, and the flame is one of the best I've seen - practically quilted.  It also has a matching headstock, swamp ash body, tung-oiled maple neck, chrome hardware and abalone blocks on ebony fingerboard.  Electronics consist of active C22N & C22T pickups with coil splitters in addition to the Fishman.

Joshua's DC127M
Carvin Museum Forums ID: subdeo

Here's a nice all-walnut DC127M that Joshua received in November of 2005.  In addition to the nicely-figured walnut body and neck, it has a Birdseye maple fingerboard which fits perfectly in the overall look of the guitar.  Other features include gold hardware and an M Series bridge.

Evan's DC127C
Carvin BBS ID: satch_fan06

Here's a 2005 model DC127CM, which is fully loaded.  It's finished in deep triple-step green on flamed maple a tung-oiled neck and gold hardware.  Other features include abalone block inlays, stainless steel frets, and gold Carvin logo.  Electronics consist of a C22N in the neck position, and a C22B in the bridge position.


Matt Peterson's DC127C

This is a 2006 model, and it loaded with features.  It has a stunning quilted maple top, which is finished in clear gloss.  It has a maple neck, and a beautiful walnut body.  Other features include a tung-oiled, 14" radius neck with ebony fingerboard and jumbo stainless steel frets, Floyd Rose tremolo, and chrome hardware.  Electronics consist of an H22N in the neck position, and a C22B in the bridge position.

Matt says:

"I am in awe of this instrument; the quality beats ANYTHING I have ever played in my 24 years as a guitarist! The H22N pickup has the sweetest, most outrageous neck-pickup tone I've ever heard. It's child's play getting tones from the likes of Eric Johnson, Jeff Buckley, Allan Holdsworth, even Yngwie!

The C22B surprised me at first...I was expecting a hot, overdriven sound, but instead I found it to be warm and capable of producing rich, articulate "harmonic" gain.

For the first time in my life I will not need to swap out pickups. (And I'm a stickler for tone, having gone through EMG's, OBL's, Duncans, you name it!)

I asked the QA guys to set-up my trem with 9-42 gauge strings and only 2 trem springs. The result: a perfectly responsive trem that ALWAYS stays in tune even when playing nutso Vai and Dimebag type leads!

Carvin's choice of walnut and quilted maple blew me away.

I never thought that I would play a guitar whose tone matches exactly what I imagined in my mind...Now I own that guitar!

Thank you Carvin for making a guitarist's dream come true: The Perfect Axe!"



Derek Schueler's DC127T
Carvin Forums ID: T-Mac Carvin

Here's another DC127 with the Holdsworth headstock, which looks really great on this instrument.  It's finished in Sunsetburst on flamed maple, with a rosewood fingerboard.  The Wilkinson tremolo and other hardware is gold, and the electronics are composed of a C22J and C22B pickups, phase switching and coil splitters.

Johnny Brooks' SC90T
Carvin BBS ID: go_go_go_johnny_go_go_go
WWW: http://www.johnnybrooks.com

This is a very cool 2006 model DC127, in Seafoam Green (which looks great with that purple Marshall Lead 15 Micro Stack!).  The body is swamp ash, with a tung-oiled maple neck, no inlays on the ebony fingerboard, stainless steel frets, and black hardware.  Electronics are comprised of C22B and C22N pickups.

Johnny also has an SC90T - see it right here.