Mike Long's CT3M
Carvin BBS ID: Rounder

Here's another terrific example of what someone with a little creativity can get from Carvin.  The "Gray Ghost" is finished in Carvin's bright white paint (gotta ask for it!), with a gunmetal gray burst and back - it looks black in the photos, but it's not.

Other features include a mahogany neck and body, chrome hardware, and MOP block inlays on ebony with stainless steel frets.  Very nice!


Bill's CT3M
Carvin BBS ID: RatDawg

This is a 2006 model CT6M, in Carvin's new Toner White finish.  It has a mahogany neck and body, and an ebony fingerboard with abalone block inlays.  Other features include medium-jumbo stainless steel frets, Straploks and gold hardware.  Electronics consist of a C22B in the bridge position, and a H22N in the neck position.

Dave Terry's CT3M
Carvin BBS ID: dto
WWW: http://www.daveterry.com

This is a great looking carved top model.  The CT3M has a mahogany body and neck, without the flamed or quilted top found on a CT6M, and Dave ordered his with a clear finish, but with sunsetburst edges, which allows the mahogany to show through, but adds a little color.  A great finish!  Other features include stainless steel frets on an ebony fingerboard with no inlays, black chrome hardware, and C22B and C22N pickups.  Dave also has a DC727C and DC127M - check 'em out!


Baimun's CT3C
Carvin BBS ID: baimun

This is a very nice CT3C, ordered in early 2005.  It's finished in Ruby Red Stain on mahogany with birdseye maple fingerboard and headstock on a maple neck.  It has no inlays, chrome hardware, a Floyd Rose tremolo and zebra-coil pickups.  Baimun says:

"When choosing the options for my Carvin, I picked ruby red stain over mahogany thinking it would come out a dark burgundy kind of color. Because Honduras Mahogany has such an orangy color, it actually combined with the ruby red stain to make a brighter almost chiante' wine color... maybe a sunset. I was surprised, but the color is very unique and has grown on me.

Being a fan of oiled maple necks (like on Charvels and the EVH models) I picked the options that would mate a maple neck and fingerboard to the mahogany body. The tiny heel is akin to an early PRS and is incredibly comfortable.

The neck carve itself is an interesting hybrid. It's thick and rounded like a Fender neck, but with a flatter radius (14" I believe). In this application, I'm glad the neck isn't thinner. I had 6100 jumbo frets fitted, and they're all polished and detailed around the fingerboard edges very well. There were some small black streaks here and there, but it appears it was probably some tremolo oil that was probably on the hands of the factory person that setup the guitar. It wiped off fairly easily."

"The headstock is tinted slightly different from the rest of the neck, but I attribute that to the smooth finish on it, while the neck and fingerboard have the tung oil. The 24k Gold logo is a classy touch. There is no need for string retainers because the strings feed directly off the nut to the tuners, and they are set up very close to the face of the headstock. Most of the hardware is hidden on the back where the Sperzel has the thumb screws to lock down the strings.

I'm not a heavy tremolo user, so went without the Floyd locking nut simply so I can tune quickly but still can fine tune the strings on the other end. All the strings are cut to length so there's very little slack to impede tuning."

Mike Ross' CT3M
Carvin BBS ID: bonesigh

Here's a very nice CT3M, in Sunsetburst on mahogany.  It has has C22B and C22N "zebra" pickups, a rosewood fingerboard and chrome hardware.  Very nice!

Mike also has a new Bolt Plus, and a new Holdsworth HF2 - see them right here.


Ty Schell's CT3M
Carvin BBS ID:

This is a nice CT3M, which is finished in sapphire blue on mahogany with a matching headstock.  It has an ebony fingerboard with jumbo frets, tung-oiled neck and black chrome hardware.

Micter's CT3M
Carvin BBS ID: Micter

Here's an interesting and unique CT3M.   It's finished in a one-off color, that sort of a combination or pearl blue and pearl purple - absolutely one-of-a-kind.  Other features include chrome hardware and ebony fingerboard with dot inlays.


Dave Carson's CT3T
Carvin BBS ID: guitarman8467

This is a great example of a CT3.  It's finished in clear gloss, and has a very nicely figured mahogany body and mahogany neck.  It has an ebony fingerboard with abalone block inlays, Wilkinson tremolo, and gold hardware.  Electronics consist of C22N and C22B zebra pickups.


Brian G's CT3M
Carvin Museum Forum ID: Brian G

Here's a simply beautiful CT3M, in gloss black with gold hardware.  Brian added Bare Knuckle pickups with gold covers, which absolutely completed the elecant look of this CT.


Rob Stawicki's CT6M
Carvin BBS ID: wickid

The is Rob's second CT (his CT6M, in sapphire blue on quilt, is shown at the right).  His CT3T is a 2006 model, custom finished in metallic blue finish.  Other features include abalone dots on an ebony fingerboard with medium/jumbo stainless steel frets, chrome hardware, and a Wilkinson tremolo.  Electronics consist of C22N in the neck position, and an M22T in the bridge position.



John Lakota's CT3M
Carvin BBS ID: redaccent

Here's a great looking CT3M, finished in Seafoam Green, which matches John's SC90.  It has a mahogany neck and body, chrome hardware, and mother-of-pearl block inlays.

You can see more of John's SC90 right here.


Rick Melbihess' CT3C
Carvin BBS ID: surfnorthwest
WWW: http://www.surfnorthwest.com/samples/

This is the first CT3C submitted to the Museum, and the Floyd Rose tremolo really adds to an already great looking guitar.  It's a 2006 model, and it's finished in Classic Sunburst with a matching headstock, and a mahogany neck and body.  Other features include medium-jumbo stainless steel frets, MOP block inlays and chrome hardware.  Pickups are a C22B in the bridge position, and an H22N in the neck position, both in black/cream. Rick says:

"Purchased this guitar to go along with my American Deluxe Strat in my Studio. The guitar is everything I thought it would be.  While she doesn't have the bling of a quilted top like many other CT's, to me she is beautiful and warm and the way this old school guy likes it!"