Chris Martin's C66T

Here's a very nice newer C66T, finished in Vintage Yellow on quilted maple.  It has gold hardware, Sperzel locking tuners, a Wilkinson tremolo and an ebony fingerboard with no inlays.

The Webmaster's XB75

Although represented on my Collections page, my XB75 is probably worth a second look.  It has a mahogany body and neck with quilted maple top and matching headstock, finished in Vintage Yellow.  And that's where the similarity to every other XB75 ends.  Most obvious is the pickup and controls.  Yes, only one HB5 pickup - to the best of my knowledge, the first factory-built Carvin with a single HB5 humbucker.  The lower knobs are the same as other Carvin basses - bass boost, treble & midrange, and the forward top knob is a standard volume.  However, the pan control actually pans between the coils of the HB, allowing a single-coil tone in two positions, or a blend of both.  Also, notice the headstock - it's a hand-made flying V style, a feature that's not offered on 5-string basses.  A beautiful Birdseye maple fingerboard with abalone dots and gold hardware round out the package.


Dave Terry's Contour 66
Carvin BBS ID: dto

Below is Dave's 2005 Contour 66.  It's a hardtail model, finished in vintage yellow on flamed maple with matching headstock.  The body is mahogany, and the neck is maple.  The fingerboard is birdseye maple with no inlays.

Richard Finney's DC145C
Carvin BBS ID: Dr. Shrinker

This is one of the coolest DC145 models out there.  At first glance, someone who has some knowledge of Carvins would think it was an early 90's model, based primarily on the headstock shape.  However, on closer inspection, this guitar has features that weren't available in the early 1990s, such a Sperzel tuners and a 5-piece neck.  So, what gives?  In 2004, Carvin offered a reissue of the 90/91 "pointy" headstock on any new models, and this is one of the first guitars to be made with that feature.  It's a 2004 model, in Vintage Yellow on quilted maple with matching "pointy" headstock, Birdseye maple fingerboard and chrome hardware.  Read more about the pointy headstock reissue on the 2004 Guitars page.

Unknown DN612

Here's a gorgeous example of a vintage yellow DN612 from the early 90s.  I think this was on eBay a while back - but I don't remember for sure.  Regardless, it's probably the nicest example of a DN612 I've ever seen - quilted top, maple fingerboards, reverse 6 headstock - extraordinary!

Note the non-standard control configuration on this one.  The 12-string neck has the usual volume and tone controls, as well as a neck selector switch, and 3 other controls.  Phase switches?  Coil splitters?  The 6-string neck has three knobs - most certainly, there is a tone and volume, but what does the 3rd one do?

Sam Bartley's HF2
Carvin BBS ID: StudioHack

This is a very nice 2004 model Fatboy, finished in vintage yellow on quilted maple with matching headstock.  Other features include an alder body, no inlays on the ebony fingerboard, and black chrome hardware.  Electronics consist of H22 humbuckers with coil splitters and phase switching.  Sam says:

"I ordered this after my visit to the Carvin store in San Diego. I love its resonance and versatile tones. The neck is very comfortable in my large hands, and it's so easy to play. By far the best guitar I've ever owned."

Theo's LB75L
Carvin Museum Forums ID: Paradiddle

This is a left-handed 1994 model, which was pretty loaded for it's time.  It's finished in Vintage Yellow on flamed maple with a matching headstock, tung-oiled neck and gold hardware.  It has Sperzel locking tuners, and no inlays on the ebony fingerboard.  Theo also has a left-handed BB75 - check it out on this page.

Theo says:

"I purchased my first ever Carvin, used from a pawnshop near Indianapolis IN USA. Of course I'm in love with it. What's interesting is, what got me looking for a Carvin in the first place. As a left-handed player, shopping at music stores left me with very few options. My first bass was a 4-string model from the high-end line of a well-known manufacturer. I really liked that bass. I was fully prepared to be brand-loyal to that maker. . . until I decided I wanted to play 5-string.

Not only were my choices limited to the more expensive model lines (usually involving an additional upcharge for lefties), this maker and several others refused to make a 5-string bass in a lefty configuration. I even spoke the the local distributor of my bass' manufacturer and he said "Your best bet would be to look into Carvin" After losing a few eBay auctions, I finally snagged the beauty you see here. Since then, Kevio and several Carvin employess have been very helpful in identifying the features and history of this instrument."

Bill Chapman's SC90T
Carvin BBS ID: Willie T

Here's a great looking SC90.  It features a mahogany body and a plain maple top, with the not-too-often seen non-rounded body sides, maple neck, and a vintage yellow finish.  It also has chrome hardware,  Wilkinson tremolo, and a C22N neck pickup and a M22SD bridge pickup.  This was bought in 2002 from Carvin's Hollywood showroom.  Nice!

In-Stock TBS-4L

This left-handed TBS-4 appeared on Carvin's In-Stock page in early 2006.  It's finished in Vintage Yellow on quilted maple, with chrome hardware and birdseye maple fingerboard.

Next is Brian's 2004 TL60-FA, which was formerly owned by Tim Gray.  It's finished in Vintage Yellow over quilt maple with a clear mahogany body and two-piece neck with ebony fingerboard and abalone block inlays. Other amenities include a flat top (no arm contour), tortoise shell binding, chrome hardware and Sperzel locking tuners.  Electronics consist of M22SD and C22N pickups, with active electronics and Fishman acoustic bridge.

Mike Buckley's TL60T

Here's a 2001 model TL60T, which has very nice upgrades.  It has a mahogany body with flamed maple top finished in Vintage Yellow.  It also has a matching reverse-inline headstock, birdseye maple fingerboard with no inlays, black chrome hardware and tortoiseshell binding.


Michael Nalisnik's BB75PF

On the right is Michael's 2004 BB75PF.  It has a mahogany body, 5-piece maple/walnut neck, and is finished in Vintage Yellow on quilted maple.  It has the J99/HB pickup configuration with a coil splitter for the HB, and a piezo bridge.  Hardware is black.

Michael has an excellent collection of Carvin basses - see them all right here.

Woody Green's AC40
Carvin Museum Forums ID: WoodyG3


This is Woody's latest addition - a new AC40 acoustic/electric model, finished in vintage yellow on spruce, with a mahogany neck and body.  Other features include black chrome hardware and traditional headstock.