Purple stain (and purple burst) is one of Carvin's more popular finishes.   However, it's a tough color to photograph, and depending on lighting, flash, and camera quality, can look almost blue (in pictures only), or almost black.  In real life, however, it's a deep, rich purple, and it looks great, especially on quilts and flames.

The Webmaster's IC4

Here is the first official Icon bass ordered.  It was ordered on December 30th, 2005, and received on March 22nd, 2006.  It's got a maple body and maple neck, with a flamed maple top finished in deep triple-step purple.  Other features include a Birdseye maple fingerboard with black dots, black chrome hardware, soapbar pickups and the new A-style bridge.

Nightrain's Bolt+
Carvin BBS ID: Nightrain

Next is this Bolt+, which was received in early 2006.   It has a mahogany body with a maple top finished in deep purple.  This one also has the re-issue reverse pointy headstock, which looks great on this Bolt.  Other features include a Birdseye maple fingerboard with black dots on a maple neck, chrome hardware, Straploks and Wilkinson tremolo.  Electronics consist of an M22SD in the bridge with an on/off switch and a C22 in the bridge position.

See the rest of his collection right here.

Brad Hafner's CT6T
Carvin BBS ID: Mosaic

Brad received this gorgeous CT in May of 2005, and it's a real looker!  Deep purple on quilted maple (with an amazing quilt pattern), with dot inlays on ebony, chrome hardware and Wilkinson tremolo.  Fantastic!

Brad also has a DC727 in Harlequin Prismatique - see it right here!


This is a CT6M that Carvin made for the 2005 Winter NAMM Show, held in Anaheim.  It's deep purple on quilted maple with ebony fingerboard and abalone dot inlays.  It appears that this particular model had a bit of a custom burst to it - darker purple on the edges, and lighter in the middle.  Chrome hardware and C22 pickups round out the package.

Timmaaayyy's CT6M
Carvin BBS ID: timmaaayyy

Here's another really nice CT6 - in this case, deep purple on flamed maple with matching headstock.  Other features include abalone dots on ebony and black chrome hardware.

Tim Moran's DC400A
Carvin Museum Forums ID: PurpleDC400A

Here's another Anniversary model, this time finished in a very cool deep triple step purple stain on quilted maple.  Other features include abalone block inlays on an ebony fingerboard, black chrome hardware, an M22SD in the bridge position, and an M22V in the neck position.


Jason's TL60
Carvin BBS ID: LostInDaJungle
WWW: http://www.nothing4sale.org

This is a very cool TL60 - one of the more unusual ones Carvin has produced.  It's a 2005 model, with a swamp ash body finished in deep purple stain, but what really sets this one apart is that it has a Holdsworth headstock, which looks really good with the TL body style.  Other features include an ebony fingerboard with dot inlays, hardtail bridge and gold hardware.  Electronics consist of an AP11 single coil in the neck position, a TBH60 Twinblade in the middle, and a C22B in the bridge position.

Rocketpriest's CT6M
Carvin BBS ID: rocketpriest

Here's a very cool LB70P, which is finished in deep purple on quilted maple.  It has a 5-piece maple/koa neck, koa body sides (note the flame in the koa - nice!), stainless steel frets, abalone block inlays and gold hardware.  Electronics consist of the HB2/J99 combo with piezo bridge.

Woody Green's B5
WWW: http://www.oldsneakers.net

This is a very nice 2005 B5 model, finished in translucent deep purple.  It also has the active electronics upgrade with HB-series humbucker and black chrome hardware.

Woody also has a gorgeous LB70 in flamed koa - see it right here.

Drew's DC145

Here's a great looking 2004 model DC145, with all the bells and whistles.  It's finished in Deep Purple stain on quilted maple with matching reverse inline headstock.  The neck is maple with a birdseye maple fingerboard, and the body is mahogany.  It came stock with H22N/AP11/M22SD pickups, but Drew upgraded both humbuckers to C22Bs, and coil splitters were factory installed.  Other features include jumbo stainless steel frets, Floyd Rose tremolo, Sperzel locking tuners and black chrome hardware.




Aaron Taylor's CT4M
Carvin Museum Forums ID: aeronius

This is a very interesting CT4, with several unusual features.  For starters, Aaron ordered this in May of 2004, making it one of the very first (if not the first) production CT4s made.  The most obvious unusual feature of this CT are the direct-mount H22N and M22SD pickups - all other CTs have pickup mounting bezels.  This cleans up the front of the guitar considerably.

This one also has a maple neck (mahogany is standard) and a one-piece mahogany body.  It's finished in translucent purple, and has natural body binding and a matching headstock. 

Although not obvious in the pictures, Aaron also was able to get the control cavity cover autographed by the members of Dream Theatre.  Cool!


Lizzy Daymont's LB75 & LB76
WWW: http://www.lizzydaymont.com
Carvin BBS ID: lizzyd

Here is Lizzy's latest addition, which she scored on eBay in November of '05.  It's a 1995 model LB76, and Lizzy has it on good authority from Carvin that this was most likely the first Purpleburst Carvin bass made.  It has a quilted top with a matching headstock, tung-oiled neck, and no inlays on the ebony fingerboard.  Other features include a Wilkinson bridge, and Sperzel tuners, which were standard at the time.  Electronics consist of a pair of H50N stacked humbuckers with active electronics and a midrange control, which was optional at the time.


Here's a recent addition to Lizzy's collection - a '99 LB75, which was once owned by Jim Alkire. It has a one piece maple neck, alder body with flamed maple top with matching headstock in Deep Purple, rounded body sides, mother of pearl block inlays, gold hardware, Straploks and J99 pickups.

The one on the left is a 1994 LB76, in translucent purple on poplar with a maple neck, ebony fingerboard, H50N stacked humbuckers and black chrome hardware.  This used to belong to Lizzy, but has since been sold.

To see all of Lizzy's gear, visit her Collection page.

Mike's DC127
Carvin BBS ID: delta362

This DC127 has a maple neck and koa body, with a quilted maple top and matching headstock finished in purpleburst.  Hardware is chrome, and the ebony fingerboard has abalone block inlays.  Electronics consist of M22N and M22T pickups, with the DC200 upgraded active electronics.  To see all of Mike's Carvins, click here.

Ben Frey's Bolt+
Carvin BBS ID: Guit Fiddle

Next is Ben's Bolt+.  This Bolt is deep purple over a lightweight, one-piece mahogany body, a very unique 5-piece maple/walnut neck with CT headstock, rosewood board with no inlays, stainless frets, and active electronics. The active module was removed and a Graph Tech GHOST system was installed in its place.  The magnetic pickups are now passive and wired '50's style', with a single mag volume/tone, a piezo volume, a synth volume, and a synth up/dn switch.  The 13-pin jack resides in a route cut into the side of the guitar right above the dual output jacks.

In-Stock IC4

This IC4 (which looks amazingly similar to the one the Webmaster ordered) appeared on the In-Stock section in March of 2006.  It's finished in DTS purple on flamed maple, with a birdseye maple fingerboard and chrome hardware.