The Webmaster's BB70EP

This officially is a BB70EP, but it's totally unique in every way.  The Elite Series was introduced late in 2005, and this is one of the first ones made, and it is the first BB Elite model.  What makes the Elite different from the standard models is that it has a quilted front and back, as well as the front and back of the headstock.  The body and headstock also have a thin phenolic layer between the body and the quilt - very classy. 

Now this one has a maple body, 5-piece all maple neck with "pointy" headstock, ebony fingerboard with abalone block inlays, Hipshot detuner, Straploks and chrome hardware.  I had the older, large Carvin logo used on the headstock, and the Bunny Brunel logo applied to the back.  It's finished in Dragonburst (sometimes called Caribbean Burst), which is a mixture of Emerald Green and Sapphire Blue. Electronics consist of a single HB2 pickup with a pan pot that pans between each coil (like my XB75 below).  It also has a piezo bridge, with a blend control to blend it with the HB2.

You can click each of these photos to see a larger version.  There are more pictures on my Collections page.


Keith's CT6M
Carvin BBS ID: Bundy

Keith has an impressive collection of Carvin guitars and amps, and this is no exception.  It's a CT6M, finished in Carvin's extraordinary Dragonburst finish on quilted maple.  In fact, this is the first (and as of this writing, the only) CT in this finish, and it looks fantastic.  The body and neck are mahogany, and gold tuners and abalone block inlays complete the package.

"I knew after playing the Carvin California Carved Top guitars that I'd have to someday own one, and after seeing the "Dragonburst" finishes I knew that was the way I had to go. This guitar arrived exactly 2 months and 1 day after I placed my order, and my initial reaction upon seeing it for the first time was of shock and awe. In a positive way, it's darker in color, lighter in weight, and it sounds and plays better than I'd ever dreamed it would. This is absolutely the best guitar I have ever owned, and is a playable work of art---a masterpiece that is a testament to the extraordinary skills of the Carvin Custom Shop!"

See the rest of Keith's Collection right here.

Nightrain's DC135T
Carvin BBS ID: Nightrain

Below is the newest addition to Nightrain's collection.  This is a 2006 model DC135T, and it's really one of the nicest ones on the site.  It's alder with a maple neck, and a quilted maple top.  The finish is Carvins wonderful Dragonburst, and it has a matching headstock.  The headstock itself, like all of Nightrain's Carvins, is a reverse "pointy" version, which looks great with this finish.  Other features include a Birdseye maple fingerboard with black dots and stainless steel jumbo frets, Sperzel tuners, and Wilkinson tremolo.  Electronics consist of a C22B humbucker, and a pair of AP11 single coils.  See the rest of his collection right here.

Perry Adams' Bolt-T
Carvin BBS ID: padams

Another Dragonburst model makes an appearance!  This is a 2006 model, and is the first dragonburst Bolt to be submitted to the site.  It has an alder body with a quilted maple top and matching reverse quilted headstock on a 14" radius maple neck.  It has an ebony fingerboard with medium-jumbo stainless steel frets and abalone dot inlays.  Other features include a black pearloid pickguard, chrome hardware, Wilkinson tremolo, and Dunlop straploks.  Electronics consist of a a C22B in the bridge position, and a pair of AP11 single coils.

Flaggus' IC6
Carvin BBS ID: flaggus

Here's another very cool Icon bass - in this case, a six-string model finished in Carvin's unique Dragonburst finish on quilted maple with a matching headstock.  In addition to the stunning finish, it has abalone block inlays on ebony, a 5-piece maple/walnut neck and black chrome hardware.


Jeff's IC5
Carvin Museum Forums ID: jandc

Here's another beautiful Icon bass finished in Dragonburst.  Unlike the IC6 above, this one is finished with deep triple-step, which gives a darker tint to the color.  Other features include a five-piece walnut/maple neck with tung-oil finish, rosewood fingerboard chrome hardware.  

Jon Fine's HF2
Carvin BBS ID: jfine

This is the first Holdsworth model finished in Carvin's beautiful dragonburst finish.  Like other models in the finish, it looks spectacular, especially on the quilted top.  It's loaded with H22 pickups, and has abalone block inlays and chrome hardware.

Toshi Iseda's DC727C

Toshi is a guitar virtuoso, as well as a Carvin endorser, and has a pair of great 7-stringers.  He was nice enough to provide these photos of his DC727C and DC747.  The DC727C, shown at left and immediately below, is finished in Carvin's Dragonburst, which is translucent emerald green and sapphire blue on quilted maple.  Other features include abalone block inlays, chrome hardware, and Floyd Rose tremolo.  Toshi's DC747 (below) is finished in umber stain with sunsetburst edges, and has gold hardware, dot inlays and a hardtail bridge. 

Toshi is a brilliant guitarist, and has worked with other performers, such as Andy West (bassist of the Dixie Dregs), Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs & Winger), Jonathan Mover (Joe Satriani) and Jens Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen), T. Lavitz (Dixie Dregs) and Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa/Steve Vai).  Swing by his website and check him out!

Matt Ballenger's DC727C
Carvin BBS ID: mbball1

This DC727 is simply amazing, thanks to the incredible paint job that Matt envisioned, and that Carvin produced.  Dubbed "Dragonburst", it's emerald green with sapphire blue burst, and does look like you'd expect a dragon to look.  This was the first guitar made in this finish by Carvin.  The body is alder, with a maple neck and quilted maple top.  It has an ebony fingerboard with abalone block inlays and stainless steel frets, chrome hardware, and 7-string Floyd Rose tremolo.  Electronics consist of C26 pickups with active electronics, phase switching and coil splitters.

Matt says:

"This guitar was my hiring bonus to myself for starting a new job. I don't recall what prompted me to try this color scheme specifically. Maybe it was because I liked blue and green and couldn't decide on just one. Moreso, I wanted a look that would stand out from the crowd. I aimed for what I thought was called a dragonburst scheme that I later learned was commonly referred to as Caribbean burst by Ed Roman and the like. The idea was to make a guitar that looked like a dragon. A conceptual model was photoshopped by fellow Carvin BBS member, Baimun. Given the original dragon theme, I decided to go with a quilted maple cap so as to give the impression of dragon scales. The abalone inlays and standard chrome hardware were chosen for the same scale emulating effect. The folks at Carvin did well. The guitar has a 3D texture that seems to come alive like a living, breathing dragon. We even nicknamed the guitar TROGDOR on the BBS.

Here's the real catch: it plays even better than it looks! From jazz fusion to prog metal this guitar rips! Go Carvin!"

Unknown BB70P

This BB70P was spotted in the on-line inventory of a Carvin authorized reseller in Europe, but it's certainly worth having a look at.  It's finished in Dragonburst on flamed maple, and has black chrome hardware and abalone dot inlays.