Gary Tucker's Cobalt C850T & C980T

The C850 is Carvin's top-of-the-line Cobalt dreadnaught (surpassed only by the jumbo C980).   It has a rosewood back and sides, with a spruce top and abalone purfling.  It's equipped with a Fishman Matrix pickup, and Fishman Prefix Plus electronics, with a built-in tuner (hence the "T" designation).  Garry says:

"This guitar came flawless. It took a week and a half to get it, but very happy to get a guitar of this quality for $619.00 and a hard shell case for $59.00."


And here is Gary's C980T.  Similar features to his C850T above, in a jumbo-body design.  Gary says:

"I liked my C850T so well I had to get her a big sister. This guitar also came flawless from Carvin."


The Webmaster's Cobalt C450T Bass

This is a 2006 model C450T Cobalt acoustic bass.  It has a mahogany back, sides and satin-finished neck, with a spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, and abalone soundhole purfling.  Electronics consist of a Fishman Matrix pickup and Fishman Prefix Plus-T module with built-in tuner.

Drew's C850T
Carvin BBS ID: PianoMan

Here's a 2004 model C850, in gloss finish.  Drew also has a nice Carvin Bolt, which can be seen right here.