Mike McInnis' CL450
Carvin BBS ID:  mikeymac

Here's a 2006 model CL450 Classical guitar, which is also a leftie.  It's finished in gloss black, and has gold hardware.  Notice that it also has a gold Carvin logo - earlier CL450's didn't have a log on the headstock at all (see the koa one below). 


Unknown CL450

The CL450 classical guitar is a fairly recent addition to Carvin's lineup.  The vast majority of these instruments have a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, but this example has been upgraded with a flamed koa top and headstock.  This is the only Carvin model not that have the Carvin logo on the headstock, but it does have the label shown below inside the soundhole.  Other features on this example are gold hardware, and no inlyas on the fingerboard.