Richard Hildebrandt's AC40F

Richard bought this from Carvin's Basses-In-Stock section back in 2003.  It has the standard mahogany neck and body, with a beautiful reverse-chevron flamed maple top, finished in blueburst.  Other features include inlaid fretlines, matching traditional headstock, body binding and black chrome hardware.

Richard also has a stunning B4 - see it right here.


King Putty's AC40
Carvin BBS ID: kingputty

Here's a great example of of an AC40, in a unique finish with great appointments.  Here's the details:

"There's nothing super special about my AC40 (except that its mine ;-) ) I went with the AC40 as opposed to AC50 because I wanted the look of the traditional head stock. On top of that, I already have two other five string Carvins (along with a six and a five string fretless). So anyway, its just an AC40 with traditional headstock with matching quilted wood, black stain on quilted maple (I went with that because I noticed most people go with natural wood finishes on acoustics. I thought I'd step out of the box. Besides, doesn't it just look like it was dipped in chocolate?? I love the stain on quilt on this bass) I opted for all black hardware to keep her sleek looking, and added the abalone block inlays for a touch of class!!!

The one option that I'd like to point out is the one most overlooked by people; the engraved truss cover. You'll notice that mine says "Gran Ma". While I was having this bass made, my Grandmother passed away. I added this little feature as a tribute to her. I figured what better way to show my appreciation of her; her beautiful memory engraved on a beautiful bass that in my mind's eye makes beautiful music. Both Carvin and I got it right!!!"

The Webmaster's AC40

I sold the blueburst AC40 below to buy this 2002 model.  I happened to see this one in a local music store, and just had to have it.  The blueburst one was very nice, but this had a much more traditional look to it, which I thought was better suited to an acoustic.  It has a mahogany neck and body, flamed maple top with a clear gloss finish, and koa headstock overlay.  I made the matching koa truss rod cover.  Other features include tortoiseshell body binding and gold hardware.

Subsequent to buying it, I found out it was formerly owned by Lynn Wamp, wife of, and bassist with local bluegrass mainstay Lou Wamp.  I've actually become good friends with the Wamp's, who I met through my work with The Lovell Sisters Band.


The Webmaster's (former) AC40

This was the Webmaster's, until recently, when I sold it to buy another AC40 (see my Collections page).  It's a great bass, as is the new AC40, and I thought this photo did great justice to it.  It's now part of Dirty Dave's collection.  Here's what I said when I originally bought it:

"Shortly after having the Custom Shop build my LB70, I decided to order this AC40 from the Guitar-in-Stock section.  OK, it's not what I'd've ordered if I was going to have it custom-made - in fact, I was real unsure if I'd even like the blueburst on quilt finish.  But let me tell you - it's gorgeous!  My first choice would've been vintage yellow on quilt, but this is going to be a seldom-used, but necessary, instrument, so I decided to save a few bucks, and give a good home to a bass that was sitting in the warehouse.  And I'm glad I did!  I actually really like the blueburst finish, and the quilting is great.  The bass itself plays amazingly well - the action is as fast as my LB70, and the tapewound strings are incredible.  And at about 6 pounds, I can play it forever!  It's a far cry from the doublenecks further down the page, in terms of weight."