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I had always wanted one of these when they first came out in 1986.  Unfortunately, they were only offered in '86 and '87, as the new neck-thru design of 1988 wasn't possible on this model.  I found this one on Classifieds2000 (a precursor to eBay and Craig's List) in 1999, and paid $450 for it.  At the time, I didn't realize how unusual it is.  Apart from simply not being that common in the first place, the original owner had Carvin paint it a darker Pearl Blue that they ordinarily used.  Additionally, this has the '88 block logo on the headstock, even though production ended in '87 - this means this was one of the last V440s made.  Other features include black chrome hardware, a Kahler bass tremolo, and H11B pickups with phase switching.


Steingrimur Thorarinsson's V440T

Here's a late-1987 V440T that has made it's way to Iceland.  Like the one above, it has the post-'88 block logo on the headstock; a very unusual feature.  Other features include Pearl White finish, black chrome hardware, and the Kahler bass tremolo.

Scott Hegge's V440

This is another great example of a 1987 V440, in a hardtail version.  Scott is the original owner, and picked it up in April of 1987, which was near the end of the production run.  It's finished in gloss black, with chrome hardware and M11B pickups.  Scott also has a nice vintage LB75 - see it right here


Unknown V440

This 1987 V440 was spotted on an on-line music retailer's website.  It's finished in white, with black chrome hardware and a Kahler bass tremolo.