Though not technically a DC model, this '92 LS175 was loosely based on the DC body style.  This one is part of Dan St. Peters' Collection.


Here's another rarity.  This is an LS175, but with the seldom-seen "ST" body option, which had more rounded horns (like a Stratocaster).  This is a 1991 model.


The LS175 was made in one year only - 1991.  This is a nice example of a hard-to-find model, in trans blue.  It's now part of Dave Farmer's Collection.


Here's an '85 DC160T, in clear gloss on a solid quilted body, with gold hardware and a Kahler Pro tremolo..


And this is the back of the above DC160T.


This is a mid-80s DC160K.  In addition to the nicely figured koa body, it has abalone block inlays and gold hardware.


This is a 1984 DC400, which was the flagship Carvin in the 80's.  It has stereo wiring, gold hardware, and a Kahler Pro tremolo.    


Here's a very rare mid-1980's DC150K in a left-handed setup.


In the 1980's, Carvin used solid quilted and/or flamed maple on some guitars, like this stunning '82 DC160.  This one sold in early 2005 for an astonishing $1385!  


The back of the above DC160.


This is a 1980 DC160L (left-handed), with a very unusual solid flamed body and gold hardware.  


Here's the back of the above DC160L.  


Here's an '81 DC160 - the first Carvin guitar to be offered with a quilted maple body.  At the time, then entire body was a solid piece of quilted maple, unlike today's models that have a quilted top with an alder body.


This DC160 is from the mid-1980s.


Here's a 1980 DC160 with gold hardware.


This DC160 is from 1979.


This DC150 from 1988 has an unusual AP11 pickup in the center position.


This is a late-80's neck-through DC150 in natural finish with a Kahler tremolo.


This is a DC150 from the mid 1980's, with koa body, gold hardware and black M22 pickups.


This is a 1980 DC150 that has been...customized.  It actually doesn't look too bad, if tribal graphics are your thing.


The back of the above DC150.


Here's a DC150 from 1980 with a maple fingerboard.


This is a 1982 DC150. It looks to be in great condition, although the original knobs have been replaced with dome knobs.


This is an interesting model.  The old-style DC150 was discontinued in 1992, and the Wilkinson tremolo wasn't added until 1993, so this model must've been made in late '92 or early '93.


This mid-80's DC150 has been refinished in a cool blue sparkle paint, and had a Roland synth module added, as well as different pickups.


Here's a DC120 12-string model in koa from the early 1990's.  


This mid-80's DC200K has some interesting figure in the koa wood body.


This is a DC200 in natural maple with maple fingerboard and stacked humbuckers.


Somewhat rare on eBay are models like this - a DC120 12-string model from 1991. 


Here's one you don't see too often - a 1988 DC150 in Pearl Blue with black hardware and abalone block inlays. 


This DC100 is from the early 1980's.


Here's a DC127 from 1992 in Electric Green with a maple fingerboard, chrome hardware and a Floyd Rose tremolo.  It also has some cool custom-covered green pickups.


Here's a similar DC127 from 1992 in Electric Green.


This is a very unusual model.  It's from 1991, and has the body of a DC145, with the pickup/electronics configuration of a DC125.  Very cool!


Here's an '89 DC400 in Vintage Yellow on flamed maple.  This was Carvin's top-of-the line model at the time.


Electric Green was only offered in 1992,  and here's a great looking DC125 in that finish with a maple fretboard.


This is the same DC125 as above, after the seller popped a DiMarzio pickup into it.


This is a 1988 DC120 in Electric Green with the unusual 12-inline headstock and gold hardware.


And here is the same DC120, when it reappeared on eBay.


This is a customized (heavily) DC127 from the early 1990's.  The pickup has been replaced, the knobs have been replaced, and it's had a custom-made pickguard added.