Here's a very rare SH225.  Not only is it finished in black (most were clear), but this one also has a factory-installed Floyd Rose tremolo. 


This is a more convention SH225, with FTB6 fine-tuning tailpiece, which makes it from the late 1980's.


Another shot of the above SH225 - note the flamed top and sides.


This SH-225 in gloss black from 1986 is a rather rare find, and looks to be in excellent condition. 


Here's a mid 1980's SH225, with Schaller B6 bridge and chrome hardware.


This is a rare one from Carvin's era of selling Hofner-made archtop models.  This one is a 1974 AS50.


Similar to the one above, this is an AS50B from 1974.  Notice that it has a different neck (but still made by Höfner), and a Bigsby vibrato. 


Another rare archtop!  This is a 1976 AS51, in excellent condition.


Here's a closeup of the above AS51.


This is a CM140B from the early 1980's.


In a wild case that was relined at some point is this 1985 CM140.


This CM140 is one of those that keeps appearing on eBay.


This is a CM140 from 1978.


Here's a 1979 CM130.  The CM130 was the entry-level equivalent to the CM140, and didn't have the fancier features like block inlays or stereo wiring.


Another classic!  This is a CM95 from about 1973.


This is a 1976 CM96M, in natural maple with maple fingerboard.  The pearloid pickguard is not stock.


This is a 1977 CM140, finished in black, with chrome hardware and chrome pickup covers.


Here's another 1977 CM140, fbut this time, with a maple fingerboard.


This is an early to mid 70's SS75.


Here's another vintage model - in this case, a 1962 model #62-SGB. 


This 70's model SS65 looks nice, but it has been the victim of a refin -  no Carvin guitars of this era were red.


A great old model!  This is a model #1-SGB from about 1960.  This one sold for over $600.


Here's a model #3-SGB from the late 1950s.


The SS85 was the successor to the SS65 - pickguard and control layout is similar, but the SS85 had humbuckers and a different Höfner neck.