Here's a 1996 LB75F with alder body wings, and a 5-piece koa/maple neck.


This mid-90's LB20 is made from solid koa with gold hardware.


Here's another mid-90's LB20 in solid koa.


This is an LB85 from 1989.  The LB85 was an upscale LB75, with flame maple top and abalone block inlays.  At the time, this was Carvin's high-end bass, in the days before flamed and quilted tops were offered on all models.


This is a late 80's LB75T, with 5-string Kahler bass tremolo.


Here's a 1995 LB76.  It's now part of Lizzy Daymont's Collection.


This LB76F is from the early 1990's.


This is an '89 LB70 in Light Pearl Blue with black  hardware.  


Here's a 1989 LB70F in Pearl Purple with chrome hardware.  Quite rare! 


Super rare!  Electric green was only offered in 1992, and this is the only bass, in this case an LB70, I've ever seen in this cool color.


Here's an LB75F from the mid-1990's finished in Pearl Blue.  


This is a nice LB75 from 1991.  Notice that it appears to have a solid quilted body, rather than just a quilted top.  


This LB75F in clear gloss on flame is from the mid-1990's.


I've seen this one around before on the net.  How it wound up on eBay, I'm not sure.  But it looks nice!  This is a late 90's LB20, in solid koa.  Sweet!  


Very cool - an '89 LB70, with the reverse inline headstock, cherry sunburst finish and gold hardware.


This is a '91 LB75, in great shape.  Don't see too many of these on eBay, or anywhere else...


Although this was advertised as mahogany, I believe this LB70 is actually koa - regardless, it looks sweet!.


Here's a 1992 LB76, with a gorgeous vintage yellow finish on quilted maple top.  This sold for $560.00.


This is interesting.  Yeah, it's an LB76, and it's a lefty.  But according to the seller, that's koa wood under that trans sapphire blue finish.  Painted koa wood?  Why?


I love green quilts with gold hardware - they just look classy.  And this early-90's LB76F proves that!


This early 90's LB70 with Kahler bass tremolo went for $349.00.


The back of this 1990's LB70 is worth a look.  The body is made out of one solid piece of flamed maple, versus a flamed maple cap on poplar or alder.


This is a nice one - it's a 1988 LB70 in koa with birdseye maple fingerboard. 


Now this has got to be one of the rarest models seen on eBay - a 1990 LB70, left-handed, with a left-handed Kahler bass tremolo, and reverse inline headstock.  Very unique! 


This is a mid-90's LB70F, with clear finish on quilt, gold hardware, and an unlined fretboard.


Ah, this is cool.  This is an '89 LB70, with the seldom-seen reverse inline headstock.   


Another early 90's reverse-headstock LB70. 


I really like this one.  This is a 1996 LB70 with clear finish on quilt, matching traditional headstock and gold hardware.  Really nice.