This is a 1976 LB70 - the first year the LB70 was offered.


Here is the headstock on the LB70 above.


Ah, another oldie but goodie.  This is a 1975 SB40, and it looks to be in great condition!


This appears to be the same SB40, sold several years after the above version.


From 1977, this is an LB70 - a model that would eventually evolve into one of Carvin's most popular.


Here's another '77 LB70 in extremely good condition.


Here's a great shot of the headstock of the above '77 LB70.


The SB60 was the primary solidbody bass sold by Carvin in the mid-70's, and this 1975 model looks to be in pretty good shape.


This is a 1961 model #71-BG.  Not too bad for a 43 year old bass...


Super rare!  This is an SB125 from 1977, which is rare enough - but this is a left-handed model! 


This appears to be a 1965 model #73-BG, but it has obviously been refinished, since red wouldn't join Carvin's color lineup until the mid-80's.


Here's another great vintage bass - in this case, a 1972 SB60.  Looks to be in really good shape, as well.


Well, you don't see these every day.  According to the seller, this is a 1970 model, and it looks to me to be an SB60.  Great condition for that vintage!


A perfect justification for E-Bay!  Where else are you gonna find an early seventies Carvin bass?  This SB40 sold for only around $200. 


This is a vintage 1966 Model #74-BG.  Note that the bridge cover was moved up, over the bridge pickup.