The 90's saw many changes at Carvin.  The X and V guitars and doubleneck guitars would be retired after their successful run in the 80's.  However, many new models would be added - the Bolt, Holdsworth, TL series, 7-stringers, hollowbodies and acoustic/electrics.  On top of that, Carvin officially launched the Custom Shop, which allowed customers to create their own guitar from thousands of combinations of woods, finishes, hardware and electronics.

Nineties Basses

Nineties Guitar Amps

Nineties Bass Amps

The marketing would go through a variety of changes, as well, from landscape-oriented guitar-only catalogs, to the modern, smaller catalog in use today.

In 1996, Carvin would celebrate it's 50th Anniversary, and would release an Anniversary model guitar to commemorate the event.  Also in the 90's, Carvin would pack up, and relocate to their current state-of-the-art facilities in San Diego.

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1990's Carvin Guitars

Carvin was far ahead of the curve with their Internet presence.  As early as 1996, they had a website, which was originally called (left).  Although this site was primarily a marketing tool, used to show basic products and collect catalog requests, it was more than many manufacturers were doing at the time.