To Install the Strap Button on your instrument:

  • Remove the existing strap button.

  • Drill a hole 1/8" in diameter and 1" deep at the place you want your strap button to be.

  • Insert the screw (7) into the strap button (6).

  • Screw button carefully into your instrument.

To Assemble the Attachment onto your strap:

  • If the strap attachment piece is assembled, you have to take it apart first.  To take it apart, use a small flathead screwdriver or similar implement to remove the retainer clip (5).  The pieces will then come apart easily.

  • Slip the locking pin (1) through the recessed washer (2).

  • Insert the locking pin and recessed washer (1 & 2) through the hole in your strap (3). The strap should sit flush against the recessed washer at the wider area of the locking pin. If the hole in your strap is not large enough, you will need to make it larger.  This can be especially problematic on new leather straps.  Simply use an electric drill (carefully!) to make the hole larger.

  • Slip the flat washer (4) over the locking pin.

  • Snap the retainer clip (5) into the small shank groove on the locking pin. The retainer clip fits snugly into this groove.


To Lock: While pressing in the button in the center of the strap attachment, place the attachment into the button. Release the button when the unit is FULLY locked into place. Pull on the strap to make certain you have a secure lock.

To Unlock: Press the button in the center of the strap attachment and remove the attachment from the strap button.