Spring 1999 Carvin Catalog Cover

Guitar Amps

There were some price increases on some of the guitar amps offered in the line, but the amps themselves were unchanged.  The MTS3200 and it's associated components, the SX series, the Vintage Tube Series and the AG100D were unchanged, and still available and shown with the same photos from previous years.  

There was something new for guitarists to get excited about, though - a new line of signature amps created in conjunction with one of the legends of guitar.

1999 Basses

1999 Guitars

1999 Bass Amps

New for 1999 was the Vai Legacy Series of guitar amps.  Steve Vai had been a Carvin endorser since his days with fellow Carvin endorser Frank Zappa in the early 80's, and that relationship with Carvin came to fruition with the introduction of these signature amps.  The 100W VL100 head delivered 100 watts in a dual-channel, all tube package with volume, bass, mid, treble & presence for each channel and master reverb. The head was available by itself, or in a single stack (VL412) or double stack (VL812 - shown at right) package, both of which featured C412 cabinets loaded with Celestion G12M Greenback speakers.  The Legacy head sold for $799.95, the VL412 single stack sold for $1199.95, and the VL812 double stack sold for $1699.95.  The C412 cabinets were available in straight or slanted fronts, for $499.95 each. 

Also available was the VL212 Legacy Combo (left).  This amp used the VL100 amp chassis, in a combo loaded with a pair of 12" Celestion Greenbacks.  It sold for $949.95, and the optional C212E Legacy extension cabinet was available for $329.95.