Summer 1999 Carvin Catalog Cover


One word described Carvin's 1999 basses: tone.  Two significant options were added, that would dramatically change the tonal characteristics of Carvin basses.  The first was the HB2 bridge pickup with coil splitter.  This humbucking Alnico pickup, combined with the new J99 single coil pickup and the previous year's 501B active/passive electronic created an entirely new sound.  Added to that was an option to feed the strings through the body with the Hipshot bridge which provided increased sustain and improved clarity and punch.  As an introductory special, the strings-thru option was offered free on any Custom Shop bass.

1999 Guitars

1999 Guitar Amps

1999 Bass Amps

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1999 Carvin LB20 & LB70 Basses

The B4 and B5 (right) bolt-neck basses remained unchanged (other than the above new options).  The prices increased slightly, to $479, and $619.

The HC17 ABS case for either model was $80, and the HC18 vintage tweed hardshell case for either model was $110.  However, the HC17 case was offered for free with any order. 

The LB20 and LB70 (left) continued their role as the mainstay basses of the Carvin line, and the new HB2 option was prominently featured on the LB70.

Prices for these two models remained the same, at $579 and $649.  As on all basses for '99, the strings-thru option, matching headstock and HC17 ABS case were offered for free on any Custom Shop order.


1999 Carvin B4 & B5 Basses

1999 Carvin LB76 Bass

The LB75 (right) also showed off the new HB2/J99 pickup configuration, but was otherwise unchanged.  The same "free options" special was offered on this model, and it had the same base price of $719 as it had in '98.

The LB76 (left) remained unchanged, and was available with the HB2 option, although the catalog didn't show a model with this option installed.  These two basses were actually the same as the '98 catalog, digitally placed onto a new background.  The price remained the same at $819, and the freebies Carvin offered were also available on this model.

1999 Carvin LB75 Bass

Early in the model year, the LB76A Anniversary Model (left) had a page to itself, but by the end of 1999, the new LB76W (along with a four and five string version) was now the featured item.  The model sported all the standard options as the LB76A, but with a highly figured Claro Walnut top, 3-piece walnut/maple/Claro Walnut body, and 5-piece Maple and walnut laminated neck.  The W series was priced the same as the A series, at $1129, $1199, and $1299 for the 4, 5 and 6 string versions.

1999 Carvin Claro Walnut Series Basses

1999 Carvin Bunny Brunel BB70 & BB75 Basses

The BB70 and BB75 were unchanged, and could also be ordered with strings-thru body, and the HB2/J99 pickup configuration.  Prices on these models remained the same, at $749 and $819.

The AC40 and AC50 had no changes for 1999, and the same catalog photo was used (although on a different background).

The prices and case options on these models were unchanged from the previous year, and like the LB and BB basses, the strings-thru, matching headstock, and HC18W case (not the HC17 as on the others) were offered for free with any Custom Shop purchase.

1999 Carvin AC40 & AC50 Acoustic Basses