Bass Amps

There were no models added or removed from the lineup for 1998, but there was a significant change.  The R600 was reengineered, and dubbed the Red Line Series II.  Although the control layout and functionality was the same as the original, the Series II benefited from the new HT 600 watt stereo amp, as well as new compressor and new noise gate.  Cosmetically, the R600 was now sporting red anodized aluminum knobs, and the Duratuff-covered rack was included.  Despite the changes to the Series II, it remained priced the same as the original, at $569.

1998 Basses

1998 Guitars

1998 Guitar Amps

All amps that used the R600 were upgraded with the Red Line Series II amp heads.  Other than that, the RL6815 Cyclops, the RL610, RL615 and RL618 were all unchanged, but the Cyclops dropped in price to $799 (all others remained priced the same).