Guitar Amps

Not a great deal changed for 1997.  The Vintage Tube Series enjoyed some minor price reductions, but were otherwise unchanged.  The MTS3200 head and associated amps continued to be Carvin's flagship models, and the Valve Master VM100 head and Valve Master-based SM212 combo were retired.  The AG100-10 acoustic amp was also retired, but it was replaced by a new acoustic model.  And after many years of success, the SX series of amps were reengineered and reintroduced.

1997 Basses

1997 Guitar Amps

1997 Bass Amps

The pictures and prices on this page are from the Fall 1997 catalog.

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The new AG100D was added to the acoustic guitar amp lineup.  In addition to the standard 100W, 3-channel features of the AG100-12, this model added digital effects - chorus, reverb, flange and echo.  Although not that obvious in the photo, it was actually covered in green vinyl, versus the standard black that had been traditionally used.  Price on the AG100D was $429.

The SX series of amps got a welcome redesign in 1997, resulting in two essentially new models - the SX100D and SX200D (shown).  Although the one or two speaker configurations were the same as previous models, as was the power, the big change was the addition of digital effects - chorus, reverb, flange and echo.  Also, the obvious new feature was the cabinet - these models were now covered in Tan Lavant, versus the black Duratuff that had been used on previous models.  Price on the SX100D was $379, and the SX200D was $429.