Guitar Amps

In 1996, the VM100 Valve Master was still offered, but was only given 1/4 of a page, and the associated stacks from '95 weren't offered at all, although a stack could be made by buying individual components, with the new 412 speaker enclosures (which replaced the V412 enclosures).  The Club Master (based on the VM100 head) was dropped, but the Stage Master 2X12 combo was still available, although the name had been given to a new combo, based on the new MTS3200 head.  The Vintage Tube Series' were unchanged, as were the SX combo amps, Quad X-Amp and Tube 100 power amp.  The SX15 guitar preamp was also retired this year.

The pictures and prices on this page are from the Fall 1996 catalog.

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1996 Basses

1996 Guitar Amps

1996 Bass Amps






The Vintage Tube Combos were unchanged for 1996, but they all had hefty price reductions.  And a pair of new components were added - extensions speaker cabinets.  The 112E was loaded with a single VL12 speaker, and sold for $149, and the 212E was loaded with two VL12 speakers, and sold for $199.

The VT50 head dropped to $399, and the VT410 half-stack (shown) dropped to $599 from $719.  The Vintage 33 dropped to $399, the 112 Nomad dropped to $469, and the 212 Bel Air dropped to $519.

New for 1996 was the MTS3200 Master Tube Series head.  This 100W head had a clean channel, lead channel with presence, master reverb, effects loop, and many other features in a vinyl-covered cabinet.  The head alone sold for $569, and was available as the MTS412 single stack for $859, or as the MTS812 for $1149, both of which used Carvin's new BR12-loaded stereo/mono 412 cabinets.

The MTS3212 Stage Master was based on the MTS3200 head, in a combo package.  The Stage Master name from 1995, based on the VM100 head, was given to this new model, while the old one was simply called the SM212.  This combo had all the features of the MTS3200 head, with a pair of BR12 British Series speakers.  Price on this was $669, and there was a 2X12 extension cabinet available for $199.

Also new for 1996 was the AG100-10 and AG100-12 (shown) combo amps.  These amps were designated as acoustic guitar amps, but could also be used for keyboard and bass guitar.  Both models were 100W, with a 10" PS10 or 12" PS12 speaker and switchable horn tweeter.  Both models had 3 channels (guitar, aux instrument, and microphone) with 4-band parametric EQ on channel 1, 2-band parametric EQ on channels 2 & 3, and 5-band master graphic EQ.  The AG100-10 sold for $349, and the AG100-12 sold for $369.