Bass Amps

1995 had been the year that guitarists got all the new toys, and 1996 was the year that bassists got their due.  Everything was new in 1996, and the venerable Pro Bass 500, and all amps based on it, were retired, as was the PB15 bass preamp.  However, there was plenty for bassists to be excited about, in what would be the year that would lay the foundation for Carvin bass amps used today.

The pictures and prices are from the Fall 1996 catalog.

1996 Basses

1996 Guitars

1996 Guitar Amps

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The first new models for 1996 were the Pro Bass 100 head (top) and Pro Bass 200 head (below).  These 100W and 160W heads powered the PB100-10 and PB100-15 combos and the PB200-12 and PB200-15 combos.  Both heads were basically the same, but the PB200H had a 5-band graphic EQ, as well as active and passive inputs, which were not available on the PB100H.  The PB100H sold for $219, and the PB100-10 and PB100-15 combos sold for $269 and $299, respectively.  The PB200H head was $289, and the PB200-12 and PB200-15 combos sold for $369 and $399.

The R600 Red Line Series Tube amp (below) was the shape of things to come in Carvin bass amps.  This 600W amp had two 300W power amps, active and passive inputs, compressor, noise gate, pre shape controls, 4-band parametric EQ, gain/blend controls, master volume, and volume controls for each power amp.  Standard configuration on this amp was a rack-mountable one, but a 2-space Duratuff II cabinet was available for $29.  The R600 sold for $569.

Also available was the RSP Red Line Stereo Preamp (inset above).  Controls and configurations was identical to the R600, but it didn't have the dual power amps, as it was designed for use with a seperate power amp.  It sold for $379.

A variety of new amps were available with the R600 amp.  First up is the RL6815 Cyclops.  This 600W combo featured a 15" woofer, two 8" mid-range drivers and the signature RedEye compression horn driver with crossover.  It sold for $849.

For the pro bassist, or the one who just wanted at much sound as possible, there was the RL618 (shown at right) and the RL615.  The RL618 used the R600 head, with an RL410T cabinet (four 10" mid-range speakers, RedEye horn and crossover) and an RL118 cabinet (single 18" woofer).  The RL615 was the same, with a 15" woofer versus an 18" one.  The RL618 sold for $1149, and the RL615 sold for $1099.

Next up is the RL610 (left)  This model used the R600 head with an RL210 cabinet (two 10" mid-range speakers, RedEye horn and crossover) and an RL115 (single 15" woofer) ported cabinets.  This model sold for $999.