Winter 1995 Carvin Catalog Cover

Bass Amps

Although guitarists benefited from several new amps in 1995, bassists were not so lucky.  The entire line remained essentially the same as it had for a coupe of years, although there were new photographs in the catalog.

The pictures and prices are from the Spring 1995 catalog.

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1995 Basses

1995 Guitars

1995 Guitar Amps

The PB150-10, PB150-15, PB300C and PB510 (shown at right) were unchanged from previous years.  The PB150-10 combo sold for $299, the PB150-15 combo sold for $349, the PB300C combo sold for $569, and the PB510 stack sold for $949.  All these models were based on the solid-state PB500 head, which was also unchanged.

Like Carvin's other bass amps for 1995, the PB515 and PB518 (left) stacks were also unchanged.  The PB515 sold for $1099, and the PB518 sold for $1149.