Guitar Amps

There weren't a great deal of changes for 1993, but there were some.  The SX60 MOSFET combo was dropped, and the SX-15 preamp returned after a one-year hiatus.  New for '93 was the T100 power amp, which was targeted for use with the Quad-X.

Despite the new catalog layout, the photographs were the same as in the 1992 catalog.

1993 Basses

1993 Guitars

1993 Bass Amps

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The X-100B tube head remained the same as in 1992, as did all the subordinate amps it powered: the XB212, XB212-2, XB412 and XB812.  The X-100B continued to be the flagship Carvin amp, and the prices for it and it's various configurations remained basically the same as the year before.

The SX60 was dropped in 1993, but the SX100 and SX200 remained the same (and had minor price increases), as did the X-Amp combos (which came down in price).  The same catalog photos from 1992 were used, as well.

The Quad-X Amp had some improvements to it's MIDI capabilities, with the addition of standard MIDI connectors, which allowed the unit to be controlled by any MIDI foot controller or device.  Otherwise, functions, features and controls remained the same as '92.  The Quad-X sold for $569, and was available in packages with the FET450, FET1000, or new Tube 100 power amps.

The new Tube 100 stereo power amp was designed primarily to use in conjunction with the Quad-X.  This was a 2-rack space unit which used EL34 Groove Tubes in the power amp itself, and 12AX7 tues in the preamp - the tried and true configuration that had been used in many other Carvin amps over the years.  Price on the T100 was $479.