Bass Amps

There were few changes in 1992.  The only one of note was the addition of the PB150 combo amp, providing a smaller, more compact unit for the bassist on the move.

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1992 Basses

1992 Guitars

1992 Guitar Amps

The Pro Bass 515 and Pro Bass 518 (right) Concert Bass Systems were unchanged for 1992.  Both utilized the PB500 head; the PB515 with a 1X15 cabinet and a 4X10 cabinet, and the PB518 with a 1X18 cabinet and 4X10 cabinet.  Price on the PB515 remained $1129, and the PB518 held at $1199.

The PB115 (left) was new for 1992.  This 150W combo was built on Carvin's 150W MOSFET power amp, with a single PS10 10" speaker.  It featured a noise gate, compressor, parametric mid-band EQ, bright switch, and effects loop.  Price on this unit was $329.

Unchanged for 1992 were the PB300C combo, PB510 stack.

The PB-15 bass preamp was still available, as well, despite the discontinuance of it's guitar sibling.