1991 Carvin Catalog Cover



The '91 catalog had a new layout, and new photography.  All the models were basically the same, but the LB80 and LB85 were dropped from the lineup.  This was more-or-less "on paper" only, as an LB70 could still be ordered with all the options that the LB80 had.  The one notable new feature for this year was that you could order a matching painted headstock, rather than the standard black headstock that had been around since the 70's.

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1991 Guitars

1991 Guitar Amps

1991 Bass Amps






Carvin basses continued to benefit from new options, features and finishes.  One significant new feature was the introduction of the Wilkinson bridge, which replaced the Schaller bridge that had been used for many years.

1991 Carvin Bass Features

1991 Carvin LB20 Bass

1991 Carvin LB70 Bass

1991 Carvin LB75 Bass

Here's the '91 LB20.  The blue one is an LB20F, with fretlines on the fingerboard.  Behind it is the standard LB20.  Base price on this was $519.

Here's a fretted and fretless LB70.  Note that the LB70 no longer had a pickup selector switch, but simply used the volume controls for this function.  These basses started at $599.

The LB75 was now a mainstay of the line, as 5-string basses became more popular.  Base price on the the LB75 was $649.

All three doublenecks were still available.  And, as in previous years, only the DN612 was shown, not the DN640 or DN440.  The price jumped considerably from 1990, up to $1399.

1991 Carvin DN612 Doubleneck Guitar