Bass Amps

There were more changes in 1991 - in fact, almost everything was new.  The RPB918 Concert Rack System went away after one year - possibly due to it's rather high price.  The PB200 head was retired after several years' production, as was the Pro Bass 115.  The PB201 Combo and the PB273 Bass Amp System were discontinued after only one year's production - but they replaced by new models.

1991 Basses

1991 Guitars

1991 Guitar Amps

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The Pro Bass 515 and 518 Concert Bass Systems (right) were the only models that were unchanged for 1991.  The PB515 Concert Stack used the PB500 head, with the V410T and V115 cabinets.  Price on this unit dropped to $1129.  The PB518, which was a V118 (18" speaker, versus the 15" speaker of the PB515) equipped system, also dropped in price, to $1199.

The Pro Bass 510 (left) and Pro Bass 315 were both new for 1991, although they were based on some existing components.  The PB510 used the PB500 head, with a 15" V115 cabinet, and the new V210 2X10 cabinet.  This unit sold for $999.  The Pro Bass 315 used the new PB300W head, with one V115 cabinet, and sold for $639.

With the discontinuation of the PB200 head, the PB300 head (below) was introduced to give the bassist a smaller powered amp than the PB500.  Features and specs were the same as the PB500, except for the power rating.  As in years past, both units were rack-mountable.  The new PB300 sold for $429, and the PB500 sold for $579.

The PB201 was replaced with the Pro Bass 300C combo.  This was similar to the PB201, but used the new PB300 amp, with a 15" speaker in a combo enclosure.  Despite having the new amp chassis with more features, the price was the same as the PB201, at $599.

The PB-15 Bass Preamp (below) was also unchanged, but it did drop in price to $299.