Guitar Amps

There were three different catalogs in 1990.  One was pro audio, one was guitar and bass amplifiers and electronics, and the other was guitars and basses.  Carvin's amplifiers saw some minor changes - primarily, the Electro-Voice equipped XV112E was dropped.  Other than that, things remained pretty much the same. 

1990 Basses

1990 Guitars

1990 Bass Amps

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The XB412 (left) and XB812 (right) were unchanged for 1990, although the half-stack got it's own picture in the catalog this year.  These amps continued to use the the 100W X100B tube head, and were available with the V412T cabinet and the V412B cabinet, the T model being a slant front cabinet ("top"), and the B model being a straight front cabinet ("bottom").

The XB412 sold for $999, and the XB812 sold for $1399.  The cabinets were also available separately, for $439 each.

The X-100B tube head (below) was also unchanged for 1990.  The direct price for this was $619, plus $30 for the optional FS36 footswitch.

The Tube X-Amps (below) were also unchanged, with the exception of the dismissal of the XV112E.  These amps were offered in a 60W or 100W version, with a single BR12 speaker, or in a dual-speaker 100W version.  The X60 rose in price, to $459 (from $429), and the XV112 rose in price to $649 (from $599).   The XV212 also rose slightly, to $719.


The SX60, SX100 and SX200 (left) MOSFET Combo Amps were the same as their 1989 counterparts, as well.  These solid state amps were offered in 60W and 100W versions with a single BR12, and a dual-BR12 200W version.  The SX60 sold for $399, the SX100 sold for $449, and the SX200 sold for $519.

The SX15 Preamp, SX400 head and SX Concert Stacks (right) were the same as the 1989 versions, except for some price increases.  The SX Concert Stack was available as the SX412, which featured the SX400 head and a V412T cabinet, sold for $999.  The SX812 double stack sold for $1399.  The SX400 head by itself was $619.  The SX-15 Preamp was $349.