1990 Carvin Amplifiers Catalog Cover

Bass Amps

There were three different catalogs in 1990.  One was pro audio, one was guitar and bass amplifiers and electronics, and the other was guitars and basses.  Bassists were treated to a variety of new items for 1990, including a bass preamp, a new stack, and a couple of new small amps.  The PB400 and PB900 amp went away, and a new Pro Bass head was added.

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1990 Basses

1990 Guitars

1990 Guitar Amps

The Concert Bass Systems were offered in a variety of configurations for 1990.  The PB515 Concert Stack (near right) used the new PB500 head, with the V410T and V115 cabinets.  Price on this unit was $1199.  It was also available with the V118 18" cabinet, which upped the system price to $1299.

The RPB918 Concert Rack System (far right) consisted of the new PB-15 Preamp, FET900 power amp, a V410T cabinet and a V118 cabinet.  Price on this stack was $1769.  It was also offered with a V115 cabinet, which reduced the system price to $1699.  

1990 Carvin Bass Stack Amplifiers

New for 1990 was the PB500 Pro Bass head (below).  This replaced the PB400 head, and gave bassists an additional 100 watts to play with.  As in 1990, the PB200 head was a stripped down head, without a graphic EQ, while the PB500 included the graphic EQ as on the retired PB400.  Both Pro Bass models were available in rack-mountable versions, as well as mounted in an Ozite-covered cabinet.

1990 Carvin PB500 Head

The Pro Bass 115 (below, center) was unchanged for 1990, but it got a pair of new colleagues: the PB201 Combo (below, left) and the PB273 Bass Amp System (below, right).  The PB201 Combo used the PB200 amp chassis, mounted into a combo with a PS15 woofer.  It sold for $599.  The PB273 used the PB500 head, with Carvin's new 973 speaker enclosure.  The 973 tuned ported cabinet included a PS15C woofer with a PS6.5 driver and a 310 3-way crossover, which divided the bass guitar into 3 frequencies.  Price on the PB273 was $899.  The price on the PB115 was $649.

1990 Carvin Combo Bass Amplifiers

Also new for 1990 was the PB-15 Bass Preamp (below).  This allowed bassists to use a power amp in their rig, with the PB-15 responsible for volume, tone shaping, etc.  Price on the PB-15 was $349.

1990 Carvin PB-15 Bass Preamp