Once again, one model was retired, and new models were added.  Additionally, new options were added for the bass models - notably, block MOP block inlays, flamed tops, and fretless fingerboards with or without fret lines (earlier models had no fretlines).

1989 Guitars

1989 Guitar Amps

1989 Bass Amps

1989 Kahler Tremolos

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1989 Carvin Catalog Cover

The LB90 was retired after two years' production.  It was replaced by the LB20 (above, left), a model that is still in production today.  The LB20 was similar to the LB40 and LB90, in that it had single volume/tone controls, and no additional electronics (such as coil splitters or phase switches).  The LB70 (above, center) and LB75 (above, right) were basically the same as the '88 model.  All these models were available in a variety of new colors and woods.  Standard colors were clear maple, black, white, red, pearl white, pearl red, pearl light blue, pearl deep blue, pearl green, pearl yellow, pearl purple and pearl pink.  For an additional $40, you could order trans blue, trans yellow, trans green or sunburst over maple.  For $200 extra, you could get the same translucent colors over quilted maple.  Base prices for the LB20, LB70 and LB75 were $569, $649 and $699, respectively.

1989 Carvin LB80 Bass

Also new for 1989 was the LB80 (left).   This was essentially a high-end LB70, with upgraded features such as a flamed maple top and abalone block inlays.  The base price on the LB80 was $949.

Carvin continued it's doubleneck tradition, but the catalog only showed the DN612, with just a mention that the DN640 and DN440 were available.  Base price on all three of these models was $1199.

1989 Carvin DN612 Doubleneck Guitar