Guitar Amps

With all the activity in 1988 taking place in the guitar/bass department and the marketing department, very little changed with Carvin's guitar amplifier models.  The X-heads got a new model, and all models were adorned with the new block logo. Additionally, all models got new catalog photography, and updated descriptions and technical specs for the catalog.

1988 Basses

1988 Guitars

1988 Bass Amps

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1988 Carvin Catalog Cover

1988 Carvin SX-Series Guitar Amps






The SX-60, SX-100 and SX-200 MOSFET amps were unchanged for 1988.  Prices increased slightly, to $319 for the SX-60, $369 for the SX-100 and $439 for the SX-200.

The Compact Studio Tube Amps were also unchanged (except for the new logo).  The price did jump, however, to $369 for the X-60H (with Carvin High Energy Speaker); $399 for the X-60C (with Celestion speaker); and $439 for the X-60E (with Electro-Voice speaker).

1988 Carvin Compact Studio Tube Amps

1988 Carvin Tube X-Amps

The Tube X-Amps were also basically unchanged, and the prices were only a little higher than when they were introduced in the early 80's.  The XV112E sold for $649, the XV112E Oak (shown) sold for $749, and the XV212C sold for $669.

Carvin X-100B Tube Head

The X-60B and X-100B (above) tube heads were also unchanged for 1988, although they did sport the new logo.  The 60W X-60B sold for $519, and the 100W X-100B sold for $569.

New for 1988 was the X-100A (below).  This was a stripped down version of the X-100B, in a smaller cabinet with no graphic EQ.  Otherwise, power rating, tubes and construction was identical to the X-100B.

1988 Carvin X-100A Tube Head

1988 Carvin X-Amp Mini-Stack

New for 1988 was the X-Amp Mini Stack (left).  This was available in single or double stack models, driven by the new X-100A head.  XM-212H single stack with Carvin speakers was $719, and the Celestion-based model was $759.  The XM-412H double stack with Carvin speakers was $989, or $1069 with Celestions.

The X-Amp Concert Tube Stack was unchanged.  It was available in a variety of configurations, with the X-60B or X-100B head, single or double stack models, and loaded with Celestion or Carvin speakers.

1988 Carvin Concert Tube Stack