Bass Amps

Bassists had 900 things the be happy about with Carvin's bass amps in 1988 - specifically, the new PB900 Pro Bass II head with an astounding 900W of power.  Also new was the PB400 and PB200 models, which replaced the PB100 and PB300 of 1987.  The Concert Bass Stack was redesigned, and the Pro Bass 115 and Pro Bass 215 both took advantage of the new heads.

1988 Carvin Catalog Cover

1988 Carvin Bass Amps

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At left is Dana Strum, who played with Vinnie Vincent after his Kiss days.  He's shown with a new 1988 LB70, and a pair of new Concert Bass Stacks.

1988 Carvin Pro Bass II Head

On the surface, the new Pro Bass II amps looked almost the same as the previous year.  The immediately noticeable differences were the new logo, and the new enclosure, which was now covered in Ozite, versus Tolex.  However, on the inside, the power had been increased - in some cases, dramatically.  The PB200 was the smallest of the lot, at 200W.  Also, the PB200 had only the parametric EQ, not a graphic EQ.  The 400W PB400 had a 5 band graphic EQ, and produced 400W of power.  The top of the line was the PB900, which produced the most power of any Carvin amp produced to date, at 900W.  The PB200 sold for $369, the PB400 sold for $499, and the PB900 sold for $699.  All three models were also available as rack-mountable units (below).

1988 Carvin Pro Bass II Head

1988 Carvin Pro Bass 115 & 215 Amps

The Pro Bass 115 and Pro Bass 215 were updated for 1988, each using the new PB200 head.  The PB115 used a single Carvin 15" speaker enclosure, and the PB215  used a pair of Carvin 15" speakers.  Electro-Voice speakers were optional.  The PB115 sold for $529, and the PB215 sold for $619.

1989 Carvin Concert Bass Amp

The new Concert Bass Amps were available in with the PB400 or PB900 head, and a 2X12 and 1X18 cabinet.  The SB218H used the PB400 head powering Carvin speakers, and sold for $979.  The SS218E used the PB900 head powering Electro-Voice loaded cabinets.