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There were a few new items for 1987 - the Compact Studio MOSFET Amps.  The Compact Studio Tube Amps were unchanged, as were the Studio Tube X-Amps, and X60B and X-100B tube heads.  The X-Amp Concert Tube Amp was basically the same, but the standard Carvin HE speakers had black mounting rings (versus tan), giving the tube amps a sleek new appearance.

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1987 Carvin Catalog Cover

1987 Carvin Compact Studio Amps

New for 1987 as the line of Compact Studio MOSFET Amps.  These solid-state amps were dual-channel (clean/lead), had a 3-band parametric EQ on each channel, presence on each channel, and master reverb.  An important new addition was the headphone jack, for practicing in private.  These amps came in 3 configurations: the SX-60H, which was a 60W amp with single 12" speaker; the SX-100H, which was a 100W amp with single 12" speaker, and the SX-200H, which was a 100W amp driving dual 12" speakers.  Celestion speakers were optional, at an additional $30 per speaker.

The base price of the SX-60H was $299.  The SX100H was $349, and the SX-200H was $419.

The X-Amp Concert Tube Stack had a new look, thanks to Carvin's HE speakers that were introduced in 1986.  Although it was just cosmetic, the black speaker mounting rings gave the X-Amp stacks a clean, monochromatic look.

The XB-412ML, single stack with 60W head and 4X12 cabinet, sold for $799.  The same model with Celestion speakers was $859.  With the 100W amp head, the prices were $849 and $899, respectively.  The 100W double stack model, XB-812M, was $1199, or $1319 for the Celestion-equipped XB-812C.

For specs on the X-60B and X-100B heads, click here.

1987 Carvin Concert Stack Guitar Amps