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The X-30 Compact Tube Amp was discontinued in 1986.  Other than that, and some minor price changes, everything in the 1986 catalog remained the same as 1985.  One item of note is that Carvin discontinued use of the "MagnaLab" brand name, which is what they called their own line of speakers.  Form 1986 on, in-house produced speakers would simply carry the Carvin name.  To see the speaker descriptions, click here.

1986 Carvin Catalog Cover
1986 Carvin X-Series Guitar Amps

1986 Basses

1986 Guitars

1986 Bass Amps






With the departure of the X-30, the only Compact Tube Combo available was the X-60.  It was offered as the X-60H, with a Carvin High Energy 12" speaker, the X-60C, with a 12" Celestion G12M-70, and the X-60E, with a 12" Electro-Voice EVM-12L.  The X-60H sold for $299, the X-60C sold for $329, and the X-60E sold for $389.