Guitar Amps

A new series of amps was introduced in 1984, the Compact Studio Tube Amps, and the XB-112 and XVS-212 stacks were discontinued.  Otherwise, everything remained pretty much the same as in 1983. 

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1984 Basses

1984 Guitars

1984 Bass Amps

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1984 Carvin Guitar Catalog

1984 Carvin Guitar Amps

In the mid-80's, Jefferson Starship guitarist Craig Chaquico was synonymous with Carvin.  Not only was he often seen playing a V220 or DN612, Starship's videos usually showed a wall of Carvin amps in the background.  The full-page photo from the 1984 catalog shows Craig with a curly maple V220T and an X-Amp Concert Tube Stack.

The X-30 and X-60 Compact Studio Tube Amps were designed for the player who wanted tube sound in a small package.  These 30W and 60W amps drove a 12" Celestion G12M-70 (Electro-Voice speakers were optional on the X-60), and had a 3-band parametric EQ, reverb, presence, and lead and rhythm channels.  The X-30 sold for $329, and the X-60 sold for $399, or $459 with an EV speaker.

1984 Carvin X Amps

1984 Carvin X-100B Guitar Amp Head

The X-60B and X-100B also got dual channels, with a clean rhythm channel and pre-amp driven lead channel.  Prices had dropped since the introduction of these amps, and in 1984, the X-60 sold for $419, and the X-100 sold for $499.